Street Style Winter Fashion Layering Tips that Every Women Should Know

| November 3, 2015

Fashion Essentials for Layering Women Winter Dress:

Some girls & women think that when the winter season comes then they cannot follow the latest fashion. They cannot make a fashion statement into the street but I think they are wrong because winter is the only season when you can make high fashion statement by rocking in chic & trend clothes. Winter is all about stylishness. It’s all about mode, chic, hip hop & to rock. Winter is the season of “layering”. Yes, by layering your simple winter dress in a very amazing way you can make a bold fashion statement into the street.

In winter the biggest advantage of layering is that it protects your & your body parts from the cold of weather & keeps you away from fever, cold, cough & flu.

For the purpose of winter layering you have lots of options such as you can use coats, jackets, sweaters, pullovers, leather jacket for layering. You can use knee length leather boots & leggings for layering. Hats, mufflers, scarves & gloves are some others way to add layer into your look. But before layering you need to keep some rules into the mind such;

1)    The layering accessories should be Waterproof or water-resistant so that these can protect you from the sudden weather changes such as raining & snow fall, storm etc.
2)    Try to keep versatility in your winter layering accessories. Don’t stick with two or three only. Expand the range by adding more & more. Visit the thrift store to find best out of waste.
3)    Try to done layering in such a way that it should be breathable.
4)    Keep layering lightweight.
5)    Layering always adds a new gear in bore & dull look. So, done layering by keeping this rule into the mind. Be creative, bold & confident.

The following pictures will tell you, how you can layer yourself in winter season & which accessories you can use for layering. Take a look & observe!

Bolero Jacket for Layering:


Cape Coat:

cape coat for layering

Wear Overcoat on Jacket for Getting High Street Style Look:

coat on jacket winter layering

Layer Short Dress with Blazer:

Feather skirt and black blazer winter outfit

Fedora Hat for Layering:

fedora hat for layering

Layering Button Up Collared Shirt with Pullover & Zippered Jacket:

girls winter outfit

Gloves, Fur Boa & Hat for Winter Season:

gloves, hat & fur boa

Coat for Layering:

green winter coat

Jacket on Jacket Layering Tip:

jacket on jacket layering tip for winter

Long Sleeved Sweater in Pullover Style for Layering Shirt:

knit sweater with red plaid button down shirt girl outfit

Leather Jacket in Black Color for Chic Layering in winter:

leather jacket

Layering Idea with Long Cardigan: long cardigan idea

Try to Use Shrug with a Strapless Gown in Winter Stylish Layering:


Socks & Boot Winter Layering Accessories:

socks boots

Oversize Infinity Scarf:

thigh highs boots with oversized scarf winter fashion

Turtle Neck Sweater for Layering:

turtle neck sweater for layering

Fur Vest for Layering:

vest for layering

Jeans Jacket for Layering Long Skirt Maxi Dress:

winter layered outfit

Layering with Cardigan:

Womens winter layering outfit

Try to enjoy street walk, shopping & get to gather in a coffee shop by layering in stylish ways. (That you can learn from the following photo gallery). Layering helps you to enjoy winter walking, skiing, riding & hiking activities. Visit hill station in winter & enjoy the mountain life by layering in a very well & stylishly way.

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