Valentine’s Day Different and Stylish Accessories for Girls

| February 6, 2017

Valentine’s Day is on the way so start thinking about Valentine’s Day preparations including decorations, presents for your loved one, costumes and other accessories. Find a little time of your day to make something creative and unique that will your beloved be happy.  Make this Valentine’s Day be exactly what it supposed to be perfect.

When you are going to meet your beloved, pampered yourself with best and best things including dress, shoes, jewelry, makeup and other accessories. Try to use the things according to the choice of your bff to make him happy. If your dress is so simple and you are not wearing any kind of jewelry then try to adorn your hair with a beautiful head piece or head band.

You can make a beautiful head band with lovely heart at home easily. Take red color shimmery cloth or sequins fabric, stitch it in heart shape and stick it to a plain black headband, surprise your beloved with this homemade accessory. This beautiful headband can be gift to someone special too on the special time of Valentine’s Day.

If you are a teenage girl and want to celebrate the Valentine’s Day, then go for this look because this is perfect for teenage girls. Wear a sweater in red color, make two simple braids on both two sides of the head and adorn your head with a Valentine’s heart hair bow and paint a tiny red heart on your cheeks. If you are a boy and want to purpose your beloved on the special day of Valentine’s Day.

Buy a beautiful gold ring or prepare a gold ring with tiny gold heart, adorned with sparkly rhinestones. Keep this beautiful ring in heart shape golden or red velvet ring case, your beloved will definitely pleased with you and will never deny your proposal.

If you are a true lover and want to gift your beloved a thing made by your own hand, there are lot of things that can be made at home easily as you can make different things with crochet hook like socks, gloves, sweater, hat etc.  Here is a great idea for you; you can see in the pictures crochet pattern fingerless gloves that can be make at home easily.

If you are making this for Valentine’s Day then make and decorate it according to the event as you can make tiny hearts with red wool or thread. Heart shape jewelry whether it is finger ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings is a great gift for someone special person. As you know that all women are crazier about gold jewelry so it is a great and best opportunity to please her by giving gold jewelry in heat shape.

You can get the idea from pictures; there are different pictures of different accessories of heart jewelry, heart earrings for casual and party wear, heart anklet with dainty gold chain for party wear, stunning gold pendant in heart shape with delicate gold chain and heart shape bracelet, all are great for Valentine’s Day gift.

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