Easy Wall Art Décor ideas for Valentine’s Day

| February 3, 2017

The month of sweet February has arrived, and the Valentine’s Day is approaching so it is called the month of lovers because of the Valentine’s Day. This day is celebrated by all the lovers all around the world especially in western countries in the mid of February. As the month starts, the excitements of the lovers reach on the highest peak.

They start preparations for the celebration; some celebrate it at home while others like to meet their beloved in restaurants, hotels and parks etc. This post is for those people who want to celebrate this event at their homes because we are giving you soma wall decoration ideas to inspire and please your beloved. Express your affections by following these simple Valentine’s Day wall decoration ideas.

As this is the month of love and love comes from the heart so it is associated with red color whether it is red dress, red flowers, red shoes and so many things in red color. Everyone likes getting something sparkly on Valentine’s Day see the picture, here is a piece of lightening heart and the wall of the room is decorated is with this bright and cool faux neon sign in heart shape, it is just a piece to hang up cover your bar cart, cocktail style. This heart will be glowing all the right ways and will definitely inspire and please your beloved the most.

This gorgeous print is what heart is made from combining two hands together in a specific way. Use it to add a feminine touch to your space while still showing off that hands printed with beautiful tattoos. Frame this beautiful print for your gallery wall or set up this adorable print to your bedroom gallery wall.
If you have no enough time to go for shopping or if you cannot afford different things for decoration, get the idea from this picture.

You can simply decor your gallery wall with a garland and you can make it at your home easily. To make this garland, you will need cards of different colors as red and pink, cut them in the shape of hearts and attach them with a beautiful string. After making this, hang it on your wall with and tie the both ends with nails.

If you don’t want to make a garland, take a card in vibrant red color, cut it out in different sizes of hearts. Simply paste these card hearts on your wall with the help of strong glue to make the wall beautiful. Decor the wall behind the study table like this, take a lot of square of scrapbook paper in any color do you like red or pink and join them together to make a big heart of papers on white color wall. Heart in many different sizes can make the look of a gallery wall awesome.

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