Nice And Simple Nail Art Step By Step Art For Girls

| July 12, 2017

We know that while you are doing your nails, you can find number of reasons on behalf of which you can fall in love with nail art. We also know that every time you think this statement, reason is quite different from other one as well. Over time, we have drafted out number of reasons why nail art rocks and some of them are mentioned below.


You can do whatever you want. You can play with colors, designs and also utilize number of shades instead of one. If you are good at it, your work can also be recognized by nail art community.


This type or art is not costly at all. All you have to do is to spend some number of bucks on buying nail polishes you like. One nail polish shade can last for whole year if you are using it on continuous basis.


There is not much number of fashion trends which are considered to be ageless in nature. You can create perfect nail art even at any age.

Perfect matching :

It was a trend that ladies like to apply same coat of nail polish color that have exact match with their dress. For now fashion trend is modernized. You can create patterns in form of prints which are being created on your dress.

Conversation starter:

You can find new friends as some stranger may ask you that how did you get your nail done. From that point, you may find new best friend of your life as well.
We have drafted out some simple and basic nail art ideas for our viewers. It may be little bit hard for

ladies who are at initial place. These ideas will surely help them out as everything is simple and easy to make with step by step version as well.

Visual aids:
Beautiful colorful nail art:

Galaxy easy nail art:

Creative butterflix nail art:

Hello kitty simple nail art:

Aqua blue nail art:

Cute simple nail art:

Heart shape nail art:

Easy ombre nail art:

Colorful sponge nail art:

Colorful nail art:

Simple glam nail art:

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