Nail Paint Designing Ideas With Your Same Dresses

| February 7, 2017

The girls want to do something new and the unique in their routine they want to become very first in adopting any fashion  in the dressing of girls dresses footwear , jewelry ,  hairstyles and the nailpaints are very common because nail paints  make your hands beautiful the trend of nail paints is increasing day by day if you see in your around then see the  nail paint is very trendy and you can’t ignore the nail pant because the matching nail paints are very common among the girl  with your footwear you can contrast it  in the polka dot style, floral style, dotted style , block style and many other according to the seasons .

For the formal look you can use the beads, stones, buttons and many other things for making your look fancy if your nails are very short then you can use acrylic nails. The students, working ladies, housewives, bridals and the party girls applying different nail paints on their nails for making their nails colorful .now a days the trend of matching nail paints are  fabulous it look  so attractive and colorful  so stay with us and see the different designs of nail art.

Blue and white floral:

In the function if you are wearing the  semi forma dress  white color gown that is embellished with the blue colors  flowers you can apply the same style nail paint  first of all apply the white basic  nail paint and then use the  blue color nail paint something shining  make the side parted open hairstyle  with pink lipstick and the blue color jewelry for the  formal look.

Vintage style nails paint:

Vintage style is evergreen it can’t be old rather it remain inn with something changing  so with the colorful dresses you can carry the colorful floral dress  body con  dress with the floral vintage footwear and the  pouch  for the evening parties  in the parties you can wear the fringes style dress  for the nice look you are looking perfect  party girl in the vintage style.

Spring season nail art:

The nail art are never remain same rather it becomes change with the time because the dresses style are also changed  so apply the  colorful nail paint  on your nails it will give you a graceful look  first  apply the simple sky blue nail paint and  then colorful  Iines on it and then skirt matching black lines are on the  nails for making the same nail art  the beads are used on the  top  but when your nail paint is fully colorful then you have no need to use any beads and the stones.

Checked style nail:

The nail art are in different style and  color it look decent with your matching  but graceful and the elegant colors give you a gorgeous look so the office ladies , senior ladies and for the winter parties this style is best  your crop top  with the pent  is in  the checked style  same colors are used on the nails with the black highlighting  copycat  style is giving you a perfect look in the  get together party.

Rose flowers dresses:

Flowers are very beautiful and fabulous for making   your look colorful because the girls look so cute in the floral dresses  in the dress dark and light color  are used  in the dress if white and black with the blue color is added then on the nails you can apply the brown  color nail paint with the black  and white color rose flowers  and on the one  finger blue nail paint is used  with white flowers for the university girls and the  prom parties girls this nail paint is good  for the nice look this girl has matched the brown color with her pumps .

Simple nail paint with dress:

With your simple  and formal dresses apply the simple  nail paint without  any design because all the  girls don’t want t make the design on their nails so apply the simple nail paint you can do it contrast if your dress is in black color  then blush red  nail paint is decent choice  and for the  red color dress apply the black nail paint  here the girl is in the red dress with the red nail paint and the lipstick  with yor black net dress apply the shiny black nail paint  quite simple  and attractive.

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