How to Take Care of Long Nails with Natural Tips?

| October 28, 2015

Tips for Protecting Long Nails from Breakage:

Nails are very important part of our hands. If your nails are beautiful then your hands will also look very beautiful. You just need to take care of your nails. No matter whether you have short nails or long, care is a necessary for beauty. Today, I am going to throw light on the tips that can be followed by those girls who have extra large nails. I am going to tell you how you can care your nails at home simply by acting upon very easy tips. The other girls who want to grow their nails long can also follow these tips. Let starts!

1)    First of all, you need to keep a very important point into your mind that is don’t cut the cuticles of your nails because it actually acts as a natural barrier & it helps in order to stop the bacteria to go inside the skin where nail growth occurs so when you cut it then you are actually losing the protection shield. So, take care of cuticles.
2)    Try to follow some natural home remedies to protect their long nails or to grow nails such as you can message your nails at home simple by using olive oil & coconut oil. The orange juice & lemon juice is also best for the rough looking cuticles to look better. These massages help to protect nails from breakage. You can put oil around the cuticle & it ultimately makes this part soft & reduces the roughness, chipping & splitting.

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3)    Try to trim your nails regularly. Too large nails also look bad. Always be moderate when growing nails because too large nails sometimes becomes hurdle in performing daily duties. Trimming increase the growth rate of nails.
4)    Try to reduce the number of visit to salon for professional manicures because too much manicure treatments lead towards the loss of natural shine that you nails have.

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5)    Try to avoid the use of cheap polish removers.
6)    Use gloves during cooking, dish washing, painting walls etc. This measure protects nail beauty.

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7)    Avoid nail products that contain on MMA (methyl meth acrylate) because it is harmful ingredient for nails & some countries ban it.
8)    Biotin always support the development of nails  & hairs so for getting biotin you can use different food items such as strawberries, eggs, walnut, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, milk, tomatoes, salmon, lentils, oats, almonds, whole grains etc.
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Hopefully, these tips will help you a lot in nail care.

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