How To Make Different Nail Art With Tooth Pick

| October 25, 2016

Nail paints are the great fashion of the girls they use it for enhancing their outlook because teen age girls want to do different things with their look and want to look different from the others the college girls and the school going girls are crazy for its new style and the style of the nail art never remain same it is changing according to the time. The nail paints are introduced in so many different bold and light colors which the girls are using and with the different things making the designs according to their dress style.

The trend of nail art is increasing day by day now the winter season is  going to start ladies are conscious about the new styles and designs of the nail paint  so many ladies like to live at home  because they want to keep themselves safe from the winter cool air  you can make it at your home with simple creativity because art is not  too much difficult ,first shape your nails and keep it clean for your hands  handy cure  and pedicure is good way to make your hands beautiful so using the toothpick on your nails for making good style.

Pastel purple with mauve color:


In the winter you can use the pastel purple with the mauve shade nail paint apply the pastel color nail paint on the three fingers and on the two fingers mauve color glitter nail paint on the two fingers with the black color nail paint you can make the different style branches on the fingers with toothpick  and the different light color on the paint it is giving your nail a good look on the mauve color nail paint you can add the dots  this look  with the winter light color dresses.

Brown with black:


Brown  color  nail paint look beautiful with the black touch so in the winter checked  dresses and the dotted dresses are carried by the girls too much so you can make the nail paint in the dotted style  first apply brown nail paint then apply the black with dotted form dip the tooth pick in the nail paint and make dots on the nails and with the  tooth pick you can make the high lights  it look nice with the decent dresses.

 Multi shaded nail art:


Some young girls who like the funky ideas  they don’t like to go with single nail paints  because they like to play with colors so in the winter you can use the vibrant color nail paint  as just like red ,yellow ,green ,blue ,purple green and sky blue  and then use the tooth pick  to make the design  take a tooth pick with sleek  side and spread the nail paint on your nails it create the rainbow style on the nails.

Traditional printed nail:


It is not compulsory that modern and trendy nail paints are used on the nails you can make any design with the toothpicks grey elephant shaded nail paint on your all fingers and then make the traditional designs on your nail paint with the tooth picks it is not very easy at the place of this style you can make the   simple heart and star style on your nail  and this is good for  the  dark color dresses like maroon ,red,  green and many others.

Feathers style:


Now a days the animal inspired things are too much common among the girls they make it on their nails with different style  so here we are making the feather style on the nail paint  it is looking so attractive  apply the blush black nail paint and then make the feathers on your nails with the help of tooth pick on the black white is looking gorgeous and on the different color you can make different  colors feathers.

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