Halloween Nail Art Ideas for Girls Easy Tutorials

| August 24, 2015

How to Create Nail Art for Halloween Party?

Halloween is an event that is celebrated on 31st October annually. This event is actually celebrated in the western countries. Some says that it has solely Christian roots. It is a function when all people usually try to wear ghost inspired costumes. They like to decorate their home with ghostly items & pumpkins. Some people illuminate candles & lights. Some like to visit the church. On this event it seems as everyone is trying to fright the unearthly creatures.

In this age of fashion, another important thing along with clothes is the perfect Halloween make over. Yes, girls usually like to make witch inspire hairstyle, sometime they use dark color for coloring hairs & similarly they apply nail paint on nails. The nail art is closely inspired from Halloween. You can see very disguising yet awesome designs on nails on this event. Here I am also going to share the Halloween nail art ideas with you. Let’s take a look!

Spider Nail Art:

1 easy halloween nail art ideas

In this very first picture you can see that black nail paint is used & spider inspired design is created very flawlessly. If you have long nails then this nail art is just a right choice for you. So, on this upcoming Halloween party girls can try this idea!

Ghost Nail Art:

2 easy halloween nail art ideas (5)

Another awesome nail art is before your eyes. On each nail a different design is created. You can see mummy, ghost, blood, pumpkin & Zombie nail art ideas.

Skull Nail Art:

3 easy halloween nail art ideas (6)

This nail art is created by taking inspiration from a skeleton. By joining five finger nails a complete skeleton is created very flawlessly by using black & white nail paint.

Colorful Ghostly Eye in the Dark Nail Art:

4 easy halloween nail art ideas (15)

This nail art is created by taking inspiration from googly eyes. The theme “ghost eye in the dark” is just perfect for enjoying the Halloween party.

Frightening & Terrifying Nail Art Ideas:

I am sure that these ideas are totally new & unique for you. So, you can make your upcoming Halloween party very special & unforgettable for you & others by creating such fabulous designs on the nails. Into the following photo gallery you can see Googly Eye Nail art, ghost nail art, witch nail art, dangerous cartoon nail art & other full of horror nail art ideas!

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