Excellent Top 10 Nail Art Designs for Beginners

| March 18, 2015

Trend of nail art:

Nail art is creative activity which is performed to enhance magnificence of hand’s beauty. Fashion lover personalities like to enjoy this fetching art at different celebrations. From former times, ladies have great crave for nail art exclusiveness. Nail art was also indication of social rank but now this discrimination has been removed.

Here we are sharing some excellent nail art designs for beginners. If you want to learn this elegant art, you can taker great help from these simple nail at designs. These plain nil art ideas are easy in their practice but tremendously exclusive in their expression. Let’s briefly explore classy elegance of these nail art deigns.

Multi colored dot black nail art design:

1 black dot nail art design

From black color background and multi color dots this fantastic nail art is bedecked which is excellently fetching in its exclusive elegance. This awesome nail art is fabulous for modish expression.

Pink and black nail art design:

2 pink & black nail art

Fabulously elegant pink glitter nail art is shared in this picture. This fantastic nail art is beautified with black color designed straps. These easy to deigned straps are in horizontal demonstrations and simply fetching in their expression.

Smoky nail art design:

3 black silver design

Grace of back and grey nail art design is conspicuous here. This fabulous smoky nail art is bedecked with silver glitter which is stretched at plain black nail paint.

Lyre designed nail art step by step:

4 frozy nail art design

This excellently awesome lyre designed nail art is beautified with contrasted colors. Magnificence of this nail art is shared I step by step patterns so that you can have exact idea of easy practice of this nil art design.

Silver glitter nails art design:

5 silver nail art design

Shimmering grace of terrific silver glitter nail art is shared here. This awesome nail art is bedecked with different types of glitter and caviars. This elegant nail art is simply plain in its practices.

Multi colored shimmering nail art design:

6 multi colour nail art design

Fetching elegance of multi color shimmering nail at idea is resented here. This excellent nail art idea is beautified with vibrant glitter colors and black matte lyre which are increasing its classy elegance.

Rhinestone nails art design:

7 pink nail art design for girls

Shimmering elegance of pink glitter nail art is bedecked worth classy grace of rhinestones. Different shapes of rhinestones and fetching elegance of pink color are collectively creating an excellent nail art design which is easy and awesome for beginners.

Red and white nail art design:

8 red nail art design

Fantastic grace of red and white nail art design is presented here. This fabulous red nail art is bedecked with white straps. This fabulous nail art design is awesome for Valentine’s Day and Christmas celebrations.

Plain dot nail art design:

9 simple stylish nail art design

Fantastic elegance of red and green nail art design is shared inn this picture. This fabulously simple nail art design is charmingly awesome in its expression and tremendously easy in its practice.

Lace designed nail art:

10 yellow nail art designTerrific magnificence of yellow color nail art design is exploring its fetching grace in this picture. This fantastic matte color yellow nail art is bedecked with black lace designed designing. This marvelous nail art is awesome for beginners.

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