Creative Feet Nail Art Ideas for Brides

| June 29, 2015

Beautiful feet: Today feet are also an important part of the fashion.  Sexy feet are so much in fashion around, then why toenails art should and designs are far behind.

Feet nail art: You can indeed use the toenails too as a canvas for your nail art. It could either be in total contrast to that of the art on your fingernails or you makeup or you can match it with the fingernails and makeup. Either way you can be sure that with creative designs and innovative ideas, your toe nail art could add to your complete look.

Foot designing: To showcase your artwork in the best possible manner, your feet need to look pretty on the whole. Toenail art may be subject to more wear and tear than the art of fingernails. It is best to keep this in mind while doing nail art that It is important to match your toenail art with the footwear you are wearing so that it can provide the proper frame for all your artistic efforts.

Feet nail designing ideas: You can use beads, spangles and other accessories to make your toenail designs look really special, it is just that you need to give that extra care to assure that things stick properly. Pretty and well adorned feet can be quite a mood lifter and once you entered into the world of toenail designs and art, you will wonder why you never did it before.

1 Feet Nail Art Designs ideas for weddings (16)

2 Feet Nail Art Designs ideas for weddings (6)

Feet Nail Art Designs ideas for weddings (1)

Feet Nail Art Designs ideas for weddings (2)

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