Beautiful, Classy And Easy Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

| February 16, 2017

Short nails are so much easier to maintain, if you have short nails and like indulging in a bit of nail art, and looking for classy and cute nail art design for your short nails that will complete your ideal look.

And also will add perfect final touch to your outfit, keep reading this post because we are going to present you these simple and easy nail art designs for short nails. Stay with us and get the idea from here.
The basis of this elegant short nail design is the gleaming white pearl nail paint.

The simple and cute dotted design with other colors and a dotted heart on one nail is super easy to do. It is a nail art design for short nails that will be striking any season. This simple and easy nail art design is perfect for both casual and formal wear and college girls an also wear this design casually.

This nail art in heart design is perfect for Valentine’s Day, if you are going to meet your beloved on the day of true love and lovers, wear your red costume, red shoes and jewelry and adorn your nails like this.

Apply a base coat on your nails for glow and then make tiny heart on the corner of each nail with red nail polish, outline these hearts with white nail paint. Your nails will look awesome.

The wicked green base shade of this short nail style is super smooth and enough to make anyone envious, some nails feature a beautiful white rose deign at the bottom of nails looking beautiful. if you are going to attend a formal party and wearing a dark green color dress with white embellishments then this design is perfect for you.

This simple and beautiful design is perfect for any season; the short nail design is looking lovely with a simple yet stunning triangle at the top center of the nails with red and black nail paint. It is easy to do, beautiful to look at and ideal for short nails since the design at the top center of the nails.

The beautiful vibrant shades on the short nail design are perfect for spring and summer. Paint your nails with nude color nail polish and then make stripes of three vibrant shades as red, sea green and yellow shown in the picture and if you don’t like these colors then you can make this simple design with some other colors too.

The matt nail polish this short nail design in beautiful maroon color is easy going. The idea of putting golden tiny pearls over maroon color matt nail paint is super chic but in this case the size and sparsity of the golden is playful and unique.

This simple and beautiful nail art design is perfect for brides; it is the most favorite color of celebrities they like to wear it at special occasions and events.

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