2015 Trendy Nail Art Ideas for Winter & Summer Season

| September 8, 2015

Cool Nail Art Pictures:

As the girls are crazy for clothes similarly the girls are becoming passionate about nail art. Nail art is getting rapid popularity into the all over the world. It is another fact that with the passage of time girls are becoming more fanatical about this art. For the purpose of creating unique designs these fashion crazy girls are looking towards different interesting things such as they are taking inspiration from trees, flowers, butterflies, starts, moon, sun, rainbow, sea fish, animals, architecture, bicycles, skulls, ghosts, eyes, lips, heart, different shapes & so on.

There is an endless list of the items from which girls can take inspirations. As the weather changes the girls bring change into the nail art according to change in weather. Mostly, it happens that girls are searching for summer nail art but they find winter nail art but when they are searching for winter nail art then they will find summer nail art. So, in this case they feel irritation. Now you never need to search here & there because on this blog, you can get both at one page & the page is before your eyes.

Animal Nail Art:

1 Cool & Trendy new Nail Art 2015 (1)

Can you guess this design? Ooohh you can because I mentioned the answer into the above heading. Well, you are right it is an animal inspired nail art that can give your nail a very gorgeous & chic look. You can make a bold fashion statement into the party or in street by applying colorful nail paint in this design. Season never matters.

Neon Parrot Star Nail Art:

2 Cool & Trendy new Nail Art 2015 (2)

Now days neon nail paint are in vogue. Try this neon parrot color. First apply one coat of neon parrot nail paint on nails & create dark green color star design or you can use star design stickers.

Shimmer Nail Art:

3 Cool & Trendy new Nail Art 2015 (3)

This is called shimmer nail art. It is created by using rainbow nail paint colors. Perfect nail art for a multi colored theme prom party. What do you think?

Flower Nail Art:

4 Cool & Trendy new Nail Art 2015 (4)

This nail art is created by taking inspiration from flower. White, black & shimmer silver nail paints are used into its creation. The flower design focus is only middle finger & pinky finger.

Matte Winter Nail Art:

5 Cool & Trendy new Nail Art 2015 (12)

In the winter season mostly dark colors are preferable. Here the focus is on ring finger of both hands. The matte nail paint is used instead of glossy.

For more superlatives, magnificent, endearing & charming nail paint ideas please look below into the gallery!

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