Summer Fashion Trend of Dotted Eyeliner for Girls

| April 3, 2017

Girls are crazier about fashion and their looks and they always want to try different and unique things with their outfits, hair and makeup to look different from others. In this post we will tell you that how can you look different from others by making a little bit change to your eyes.

We are not talking about eye lenses because change the colors of eyes by colorful lenses has become an old fashion. We are going to discuss the latest trend of dotted eyeliner that is in peak in the summer season so if you are interested in this fashion then you must stay tuned with us.

Dotted eyes are surprisingly wearable and you can wear dotted eyeliner in several ways and in different colors. A single dot just beneath the lower lash line looks fresh not overdone and makes a mod statement.

If you want to dip the toe in the trend yourself you don’t need anything special to get started, blue liquid eyeliner will serve you just fine, the ball point like dotted tool makes it easy to master so you can get right to it.

For formal or cocktail summer party, line your upper lid with your matching blue eyeliner to your outfit and make a thick line and then make a dot with the same eye liner beneath the lower lash line and by doing this you will look different from others.

While using dots you can play with different shapes with ease and you can also switch it up even more by using different colors for different occasions. For a casual look, dot the eyeliner onto your top lid, getting as close to your eyelashes as possible and don’t use the eye shadows and just apply the single coat of mascara.

This is an easy but effective work day or casual look, involving little time and effort on your part and will be the envy of your coworkers and colleagues.If you are going to attend a summer night formal party or summer wedding ceremony then follow this method to make your eyes look beautiful and different.

Apply silver or any light color shimmery eyeshade on the half of your eye lid; use a darker shade from the midpoint to the edge and upto the crease.Then apply your liquid black eyeliner by using the light hand, stipple tiny dots along the top lash line into the shape of winged-out eyeliner and you can make it as thick as you would like.

Dots under the lower lashes make the eyelashes longer and fuller, start with a smooth base define your eyebrows and apply liquid black eyeliner in ultra thick, feathered cat eye style. To make the area under eyes prominent, apply silver color eyeshade beneath the lower lash line and then draw dots under each eye, directly underneath your pupils and complete your look with your polka dot dress.


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