Natural Ways To Remove Make-up

| April 27, 2017

To take care of your skin is very important and there should be no excuse of not removing the make-up before going to sleep. Not only to remove make-up is important but to remove that without damaging the skin is also very important.

This would be great and interesting to have natural make-up remover in home and with using natural removers you can maintain the natural glow of the skin. Some natural make-up removers and method to use them are given below:


Milk can be regarded as the best make-up remover and to take bath of milk is the regimen of royal women in old times. It is best for oily skin and helps the skin to remain hydrated. Instead of going for market products you should use milk to remove your make-up.

You can take a cotton ball and pour some drops of raw milk on it, then apply on the eye make-up even to remove mascara or eye-liner. You can add one table spoon of almond oil into one bowl of milk and then rub it on face with the help of wash-cloth or cotton ball.


Cucumber will be available in your refrigerator and it has such anti inflammatory properties that it can sooth the acne-prone skin or irritated skin. The method to use it is to take a cucumber and blend it in the form of paste, then apply the paste on skin as cleanser. You can add milk or olive oil in paste if it is hard to remove otherwise. Another method is to extract the cucumber juice and apply on make-up to remove. This will also brighten your skin.

Natural oil cleanser:

Many of the beauty products in the market claim that they are oil-free and are very good for the skin. If your skin become totally oil-free this can cause aging so oils in skin are must to look young and fresh. You can use olive oil or coconut oil to remove any kind of make-up from mascara to lipstick.

These oils will also help the skin from becoming over-hydrated. Olive oil can help to remove impurities and it is considered perfect for dry or sensitive skin. Jojoba oil mix with almond oil can help to remove make-up from sensitive areas of eyes. Baby oil will also work to remove make-up.


Yogurt is another natural cleanser and it will be available in your kitchen already. It helps the skin to retain its moisture and is also helpful to relief the sun burns. Take cotton ball and dip in plain yogurt then rub all over the face in circular motion. Then rinse off the face with cool water.

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