Make Your Look Crazy & Scary With Incredible Crazy Makeup Ideas

| December 7, 2017

Hey ladies! Plz come to this post because we have brought interesting ideas for you about crazy makeup. You would have wear makeup lot of times to look beautiful but perhaps you would hear about crazy makeup. This is very interesting post and we are hope that you will enjoy it the most.

Women are very fond of makeup because makeup enhances the beauty of their face features and makes them look more beautiful. Stay with us and grab the attention of the people with crazy makeup and you can frighten your friends with scary makeup.

Crazy rainbow eyes:

Wow! The girl is looking fabulous and fantastic having crazy makeup on just eyes. Crazy rainbow makeup on eyes is looking outstanding and a girl by wearing this makeup can really make her look stand out.

To look like the girl in the picture you just need some different rainbow colors eye shadows for your eyes. To give your rainbow eyes a crazy touch you can go for extra large lashes and sequins to place on the sides of your eyes.

Cat makeup ideas:

If you are looking for crazy makeup ideas, take a look at this picture and get the idea to make your look like a cute cat. For this amazingly detailed cat look you just need to vanish your original brows with the application of the base or foundation.

Do your cat eyes makeup with the help of liquid black eyeliner and make false lashes with it. Paint under the eyes area with tiny black dots and in the end make beautiful cat red nose onto your lips with hot red lip color and you are ready to amaze your friends with this cute cat look.


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