Latest And New Ideas Of Makeup For Young Girls

| May 9, 2017

Girls like to adorn their beauty with make-up and it is their right to look always fresh and beautiful. Make-up is to increase your facial expression and it is not the time when you just powder your face to make it white but now girls like to enhance their features to look beautiful and attractive.

Make-up is an art and every girl can learn this with some interest and if they have passion for it. With effort and practice every girl can learn make-up and can make her personality full of charm. Some make-up ideas that are going trendy are here for you:

Make-up idea for semi-party function:

This is the make-up to do on semi-party occasion and have wonderful look. The front side is in skin color while the back side is done very amazingly in smoky style. Your eye make-up must go according the size of the eyebrow. Then wear Kajal in eyes and for lower side use colored liner and draw line beneath the eyes. This way of make-up will increase the size of the eyes making them look beautiful and full of attraction.

Make-up for college girls:

These days we can see the craze of girls for double winged Kajal and they look very prominent in gathering with this style of make-up. Double winged Kajal will give you stunning look. After making well mixed base of your face do this eye make-up in double winged style.

Then contour your cheeks and give a glowing look to your lips with beautiful natural color of lipstick. With whitener and colored eye liner you can make the lower part of eyes prominent and this will help to increase your amazing look.

Make-up for formal event:

With burgundy color lipstick try this style of eye make-up and this will make you stand out in the crowd. As shown in the picture brown color eye shades are used for eye make-up and with eye liner the makeup is looking amazing. You can use eye lashes to make your eyes more attention-grabbing. Then wear mascara and have gorgeous and magnificent look with well contoured cheeks and burgundy lip stick.

Silver smoky make-up:

This silver smoky make-up would be the favorite of most of the girls. This make-up will change your entire look and on evening function you can have glamorous look with this make-up. Wearing eye lashes do silver eye make-up and then give smoky look to the back side of eyes.

The contrast of these two colors silver and black will give you marvelous look for party function or it is formal event. Light color lipstick like peach, tea pink or gloss of any light color will look very nice with this eye make-up.



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