Ideas To Do Glittery Make-up

| March 15, 2017

We must be experimented and experiments should never be discouraged. It is really very great thing to try new and different things. You have seen many celebs that often do disasters with their look but still they never give up and try new and different things.

This quality makes one trend-setter because with mistakes you can learn even better. Make-up is to enhance the face features in order to look gorgeous and beautiful. Women should try to bring change in their look and for the change they have to go against the routine. Glitter make-up might intimidate you for its dramatic look.

But if you do this make up in right way then it can give you glamorous and ravishing look. Some important steps to do this make-up with different ideas are given here:

Golden glitter eye make-up:

Remember this thing in mind that primer can be used to keep make-up stay for a long time. You can apply a natural color first on the whole eye-lids and then make an outline with dark shade of brown color. Now give a light shade to brow bones to make that look prominent.

Now apply shimmery brown color on the eye lids and after it cover the eyelids with golden glitter using brush. After it you can apply the liner according the length of your eye brows. Use the liner below the eyes too and also o glitter make-up on the starting point of eyes making the eyes double-winged look.

Pink and blue color eye make-up:

This is very easy way of eye make-up and you can do this within a few minutes. Give the bas of light pink color to the eye lids and then make the outline with a blue color pencil as shown in the picture. Fill the area with glittered blue color and also on the front side wear shimmery pink color eye make-up.

These colors are looking very nice and you can also draw the eye-liner open eyes and then use mascara. You can wear false eye lashes to make eyes look bigger. Above the eye make-up you can give the outline with dark shade of brown color and this will make the eye make-up more prominent.

Light golden eye make-up with black outline:

Give an outline to eye with black pencil and then apply light golden color make-up leaving the space for eagle eye liner as shown in the picture.  Now apply the liner and wear false eye lashes. Use mascara and also do make-up below the eyes with brown and black color pencils. You will look enthralling with this maker-up. If the eye make-up is heavy then do not wear dark color lipstick for that can give horrible look.

Eye make-up with glitter:

The steps shown in the picture will help you a lot to understand how you can make the eyes beautiful with the glittered make-up. With the pencil you can make the shape of the eyes and then can fill it with glitter make-up. With the eagle shape of the liner you can make the eyes more beautiful. Now draw the pencil below the eyes and use some glitter. Your eyes will look very attractive and captivating with this make-up.


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