Avoid 5 Mistakes In make-up For Not Looking Aged

| March 3, 2017

Make-up is to increase your facial features in order to make them prominent and to give you gorgeous and stunning look. But the must thing is to do your make-up in right way and if you do mistakes then the make-up that you are doing ton look young can make the opposite.

You must have in mind the mistakes that mostly women do and try to learn from them. Every woman must know the basics of make-up and especially the aged women must be careful because one wrong thing in their make-up can make them look than their actual age.

Your foundation, color of lipstick, eye-shades and color and method of blush-on all can do wonders for you if you put on the make-up in right way. Some little mistakes that women are liable to do are described here with the solution:

Be careful in the selection of foundation:

Choose such foundation that is lighter than your actual skin tone. Because foundation with dark shade can spoil all grace of your face. If you just put on the foundation on face and forget to mix that well with neck than it will give very strange look.

This look can make your face look artificial and aged. So mix the foundation well with you face and neck. Give some time to foundation to let that sit on skin.

The base of the face is the most important thing and you must know the art how to make the base glow on your skin with right selection of the tone of foundation.Too much layers of foundation can make blunder of your face so be careful about the base.

Be careful about the eye shades:

Dark eye shades can also cause you look aged than your actual age. You must not have dark circles and there are hundred ways to avoid dark circles. Then you will have to apply he concealer less because too much concealer will make the lines and curves look more prominent.

Try to be natural and neutral using light shades of eyes. Too much dark shades also give sharp and aged look if the lip color is also dark then you will give horrible look. So select eye shades that go perfect with your skin tone and can give you natural look.

Avoid dark color lipstick:

With the passage of time eye brows start looking thin so you can make them look prominent using mascara properly but too much prominence of the eye-brows will give you aged look. So make your eye brows look thin in appropriate ratio.

Then choose neutral colors o the lipstick. It does not mean you cannot go with dark colors when they are going trendy but if your eye make-up permits you than you can wear dark color pout but have in mind that can make you lips smaller or plump.

Blush on in light shade:

Do not make you face horrible with dark shade of blush on. You must try to use the blush on shade that can contour your cheeks without making them look ghostly. A natural color according to your skin tone will look suitable for the contorment of cheeks. Do not give your face a shimmery look that can spoil all the charm of your face.

Try to keep your face moisturize:

Make-up products cannot hide the curves and lining but the extra use of foundation and concealer even make the lines look more prominent. If you wear a primer before make-up then that will help your face moisturized. Also you can use any lotion that can help your face to be moisturized to make the use of the foundation and concealer less. The natural shades will help your face to look glowing and shining.



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