T-Shirts Designed by Bleach Pen for Kids

| November 7, 2016

Pent shirt is all time favorite for boys and girls as they feel very much comfortable in this dress. They love to wear this dress all time. Especially most of the boys in eastern countries do not like to wear salwar kameez for they have instincts that they will look modern and classy in pent shirt. And it cannot be denied they look more sweet and cute wearing pent shirt. It is the responsibility of the parents to make their children habitual of wearing trendy dresses.

Make your child aware about his/her dressing. The children should develop the eagerness to wear fashionable and classy dresses. Here we will discuss about some shirts that are liked by children the most. Print on shirts also hold a lot of importance as that should be interesting one. To paint a shirt with bleach one is the very good idea for you. You can make a pen imagery or anything of your choice with the help of a bleach pen and it is very easy to do if you follow some steps.
•    If it is your first time then experiment with some rough or cheap fabric
•    Take a bleach pen in your hand And Shake it well so that you might not have spurt of bleach
•    First draw a line and see the result of the pen
•    For child draw some interesting figures and cartoons.
•    Soak the bleach in cold water
•    You can wash it with hands or soap

White shirt with black printed pen;


Fabric of the shirt come the first for that should be comfortable. Then the color of the shirt should be a nice one. Here is a white color shirt is shown on which a black color pen is printed. This would be like a great fun to wear a shirt like this. In this regard this remains not very important whether the child is from west or east but regardless of it the interest for shirt printed with interest imagery is same for all.

Cartoon imprinted shirt;


Unarguably, children take great interest in cartoon imagery. If any cartoon is printed on their shirt this will make them very happy. In this winter buy some beautiful shirts and then design cute cartoon on it with the help of bleach pen. In the given picture a black T-shirt is shown on which a very classy cartoon saying dude is drawn. Those children would love to wear this that are cartoon addictive.

Beautiful imagery of an object;


If you got the grip over this talent then you can make even intricate design with the help of bleach pen. You know the best of your child’s interest so select an imagery of object of his choice and then draw it on a t-shirt. In the given picture imagery of ship is drawn and this is also a good idea to follow.

Write something on t-shirts;


Besides imagery you can write some lines on t-shirts. There should be not any wrinkles on the shirt in fact it should be ironed. You can also put some foil under the shirt before writing if the fabric is slippery. Further more you can select different colors to make your writing look more beautiful. On white shirt, black color writing and on black shirt white color writing look very prominent and magnificent.

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