New Style Wedding Bands Ideas

| December 20, 2016

Before you go for buying wedding bands it would be better to have some preliminary choices about what kind of bands you want to have for you and your partner. You will definitely desire to have your wedding band different from your engagement ring. Wedding band is a sign of your commitment and the couple should select band with mutual agreement. Both of you need to decide whether you want to have simple or unique ring? Keeping in mind your affordability decide either your wedding band should contain diamond or gemstone? And do you guys want to have same looking rings? This is the thing which both of you are going to wear for a long time so be careful in the selection. Some ideas for good-looking wedding bands are here for you;

Gold ring for men and crystal ring for woman;

A very good way is to select two bands one of gold for groom and silver crystal embellished for bride. But one thing can be add more in bride’s band and that is one more ring having crystal stone in it. As girls are more conscious for having a gorgeous ring but men often go with simple looking one so the two rings will look very pretty and beautiful if the groom wear a round shape gold ring and bridal wear double ring one is embellished with crystals while the other is having crystal stone.

Same looking wedding bands for couple;

Same looking wedding band is a very nice thing to do. If the couple really longed for wearing same looking rings they should go ahead. But there should be a little bit different as band of the bride must show some feminist touch and the band of the groom must show off masculinity. As in the picture band of the groom is looking very simple but that of the bride is having twisted touch in it that is making it different from the groom’s ring.

Gold and crystal rings for couple;

Before tying the knot both of the couple must decide to take care about the likings and disliking of each other. Why not it should get start from the selection of rings? Men like to wear ring without too much design and women like to have delicately design ring embellished with stone. So you can go with totally different looking rings having a nice purpose for this. If man wears a gold ring and woman is wearing a band consist of double rings embellished with stones and the front ring is decorated with crystal stone.

Silver wedding bands with crystal stone;

Very attractive and lovely designs we have before us and these two bands are giving full complement to each other. Individually and together these are looking excellent and commendable. The ring of the groom is looking very eye-catching with its silver color and stone at the center. While ring of the bride is designed very beautifully and its color and design is different and adorable.

Silver rings made of platinum;

These rings are looking magnificent with its shiny platinum material that is used to make these rings. Men will love to wear this ring as the ring will look nice in their hands with its nice style and look. While the twisted ring for women will make her happy. On the other ring a stone can be used to embellish that will make the ring a precious and attention-grabbing one.


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