New And Trend Maang Patti For Women

| August 15, 2017

The accessories to jewel up a certain outfit demands attention from you and in other words you need to be very careful in selecting jewelry with the outfit. Among the accessories Maang Patti is going very trendy and fashionable.

These are to adorn the head and with this different fashion women love to have entirely different and new look. Women were wearing Maang tikka or Matha Patti in Mehndi function with their Mehndi outfits but now the new style and designs will allow you to increase the charm of your outfit wearing Maang tikka with fabulous hairstyle.

You will look very chic and fashionable with Maang tikka and especially it is compulsory for these days brides. A bride will look incomplete without wearing a Maang tikka and how you can have wonderful look with Maang tikka some ideas are here for you:

Maang tikka with multi layers:

Have magnificent look in this Maang tikka as it is looking wonder-struck and breath-taking. Pearls are used to make the layers and with Maang tikka at center and pearl embroiled layers on both sides the head piece is looking wonderful.

This head piece is going perfect with the other ornaments and it is in fact increasing the charm of the other jewelry. Stone and pearl embellishment is making the head piece outstanding and fabulous.

Crystal made Maang tikka with multiple layers:

Maang tikka in silver color with the red color rhinestones embroiled layers is looking very lovely and amazing. Women can have lovely and pretty look in this Maang tikka and with making a lovely hairstyle you can pair this Maang tikka to have pleasant look. For engagement party function you can opt for this Maang tikka and can have outstanding look.

Crystal embellished Maang tikka:

A bride on her Mehndi function can wear this Maang tikka and she will look wonder-struck and breath-taking with this amazing hairstyle and head piece. Silver color stones are making the jewelry [piece fabulous and your face will shine in this piece of jewelry.

This Maang tikka will give you very modish and trendy look. Three layers going on the sides of the head will give you awe-inspiring and amazing look.

Multi-colored Maang tikka with layers:

Have gorgeous and fantastic look in this multi-colored Maang tikka and with double layers it is looking very striking. A round Maang tikka with small pearls and side layers will help you to have exquisitely awesome and tremendous look. Not only a bride but women with their fancy outfits can consider to wear this Maang tikka to have fabulous look.




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