Cute, Whimsical Scissors Pendant Necklace for Girls

| April 4, 2017

Young and teenage girls are always excited about their looks and beauty. They always want to look stylish, modern and fashionable so they always look for stylish outfits, footwear and jewelry also.

They don’t like to wear heavy or traditional jewelry and always in search for unique, stylish, delicate and lightweight jewelry to make a style statement.

So here is a collection of cute scissors style pendant necklaces for stylish girls and for those also who are linked with stitching or haircutting field.

Simple and cute this gold filled scissors necklace or pendant is attached with gold filled delicate short chain. This necklace is perfect for everyday wear and young girls can carry this beautiful and unique delicate pendant in parties too. Some scissors will open and close slightly, do not force them open as this may break them.

This beautiful hand crafted scissors pendant features a sleek design with sterling silver open scissors charm and sterling silver fine cable chain. This antique silver necklace is designed with scissors and comb pendant. The necklace makes a great gift for your hairdresser and if you are a hairdresser or hairstylist too, then uses this necklace for everyday wear.

Are you a hairstylist then this necklace is for you, super cute scissors charm with a small hairdryer and a comb linked with sterling silver chain looking so beautiful. This is a handmade hairdressing theme necklace and a great conversation piece. This item is made with the highest quality sterling silver, best bet for all skin types and those with metal sensitivities.

This cute scissors necklace is a perfect gift for any hair dresser, stylist or seamstress, designed in stainless steel. Stainless steel is a great sterling silver alternative, it is shiny, hypo allergic, does not rust, change color or tarnish and because it is so durable, items crafted with it can be treasured for a lifetime.

This charming necklace is specially designed for a hair dresser, crafter, tailor, seamstress or a beautician. This vintage inspired scissor necklace will be a fun way to express witty and playful self. The silver plated necklace is adorned with a beautiful ornate scissors charm and a green bead looking so beautiful and perfect for parties.

This super cute scissor charm necklace makes the perfect little gift for your hairstylist and she will get to enjoy this cute necklace for many years to come because it is crafted with the highest quality sterling silver.

A perfect pair of sterling silver stones embellished open scissor and a stones embellished comb hang from a sterling silver beautiful chain. The scissors in this necklace are an exact replica of a pair of shears that really open and close, be careful not to force them to prevent breakage.

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