2017 Fashion Jewelry Trend In Italian Style

| March 27, 2017

The dresses are the main thing for everyone whether it is in every color style and fabric with the dresses don the jewelry that create a beautiful look .the jewelry is carried by the girls in so many styles colors and the materials.

Because the trend never remain same it is changed according to the time and trend .Italian, Singapore, western style, Arabian, Australian and many other jewelry is  carried by the girls it is in the gold , white gold diamond and in silver metal  that you can wear with your simple dresses in the Italian jewelry.

The designers have designs many earrings , necklace , rings  ,bangles and bracelets that are in unique style mostly girls selected the Italian fashion jewelry .

colorful stones ,pearls ,beads and the cut work are very good for making the jewelry and this jewelry look awesome for every event so here I have some Italian style jewelry for the fashionable girls.

Gem stone with crystals:

In the Italy the gem stone, ruby, sapphire and the crystals are mostly used by the girls in the jewelry  so the cuffs in the green and white color is looking very nice  you can wear it in your wrist  the cuffs is  very sparkling  and beautiful with your simple white gown it look so nice because it is for the bride with the same ring  the ring style is in almond that is looking nice in your fingers.

Pendent with sapphire:

Pendent is good for those girls who don’t like to go with the heavy embedded necklace they can  carry like weight simple pendent locket with their heavy dresses  with the deep v neckline plugging neckline and the off shoulder dresses  pendent locket look fabulous  silver chain with blue pendent  is looking fascinating at the place of blue you can use any color stone according to your nature and taste.

Crystals embedded earrings:

Earrings are compulsory for the semi formal and formal look  because if your dress is simple then it will increase your beauty and the fancy look silver stones in the cluster is looking awesome with the full blushing stone in under the earrings wear it with your lace embedded and the silk dress for the bridesmaid and this earrings are also nice choice.

Golden floral jewelry:

Mostly girls wear the golden jewelry in their wedding but the style of the jewelry is different means it is according to the trend  golden chain earrings and the cuffs with ring is looking decent it is very light weight  you can wear it in the daily routine  is can be given  to the others on the wedding anniversary it is in the floral style but you can make it in the heart and the round style.

Antique style jewelry:

In the Italian jewelry the antique style jewelry is looking stylish and attractive the beads and the stones are used with the tribal print in the side of the necklace beads are used in the back of the locket and the kundan with beads and the motifs are used in the center of the necklace wear this dress with your casual dress when you wear the tribal printed outfits then you look  so traditional  with the red green and golden dress try to wear this Italian necklace.

Silver stone embedded ring:

In the engagement ceremony it is the wish of every girl that she wears the diamond ring because diamond is the beautiful and precious stone of the world it is in the almond and the oval style with the crystals and the stone you can carry it on the wedding ceremony also with your simple and lace dress there are also many other styles in the Italian jewelry.

Italian style double chain jewelry:

Golden color double chain jewelry is gorgeous for the ladies you can wear it in your casual routine and the semi formal functions  it is in the square style the squares are  connected to each other it is double chain style the necklace with bracelet and the ring is  beautiful choice at the place of any other jewelry wear this style jewelry for  the elegant look.


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