Wonderful Handbags for Girls in The Leaf Style

| December 8, 2016

Handbags are the second thing after the dresses and the shoes  because it is the best friend of the girls they keep their  thing secret in it  and the handbag is present at any time which can  keep your things   save and at the time of  need you can  use your   essential things because in your bags  all the things should be present which  are most  important because   it is your best friend and the  ladies can’t move without especially street style and the working women  because their important documents their makeup accessory and the other things are present in the bag and the bags are in so many different style which are used by the ladies because they can’t remain with any one  so the swagger ,bag pack, bucket ,shoulder ,hobo , half moon ,safari,  tote , clutch ,pouch etc are common among the  ladies  with the changing of trend and season  their choice for the bags  is also changed  sometime it is in the  tiger printed , leaf style and the fur style and  many other styles are in the uses of ladies. So here I have leaf styles bags for you in different style if you like so stay with us and see.

Lime green color bag:

The girls like to go on the tour and the picnic parties with their friends and the family so they have  to need very few things  just  cell phone id card , lipstick ,comb etc so they can go with this short bag lime green color  shoulder bag with the yellow orange and green color leaves are made  on it and making your  bag   colorful with your shorts and top this bag is good choice and for the summer season you can  use it.

Leaf style pouch:

In the functions and parties  many ladies like to carry pouch and clutches for the formal look because it give you formal look  so if you are going in the wedding or ant party then go with the  leaf pouch because it look so attractive and colorful  on the formal functions  now a day’s these pouch are using in the  modeling and the ramp walk  the models are using  in the different  styles  dark green color envelope style  in white color messenger  pouch with the steel silver  color clutch is also like by those models who like to go with simple.

Clutch for the younger:

Clutch  is very trendy now a day’s among the young girls because the large size bags  and the shoulder bag  can give them also a student like look  so they want to carry something formal and fancy   so the leaf style clutch look best with your formal and fancy  dresses light green color with the mint contrast boat style clutch  is looking amazing  a full leave style clutch that is embellished with the stones and the beads  in different color with the chain because many color like to hang it. Neem color and the  light  green color  sparkling small pouch is looking fabulous with your pent shirt  skirt and top  carry this  clutch .it is also in the dark color that is looking that the  dark green color  layered leaf is wet from the water  that is looking real.

Digital printed:

The shirts and the other things are trendy now a day  in the digital prints so you can go with the digital print bag that is also very attractive because digital prints bag can carry with any style dress  and the leave style bag  is looking nice with your black and white color trouser shirts, skirts with top and even with your casual dresses you can carry this  digital printed swagger bag  that is something  tight and the  hard  because we can say it couch bag also.

Bag pack and boho bag:

The students of the colleges and the universities are going with the bag pack because they become fed up with the  shoulder bags so the bag  pack is the nice choice  dark green color  bag pack can carry wit frock , shorts and top and many other dresses in white red  or brown color  on the upper side of the bag the leave is made  and the boho girls like the earthy tone so much so if you like to go with the boho style bag then  select  the light grey color  bag with the leave style on it  hang on your shoulder  with your striped jeans and the shirt .

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