The Best And Craziest Runway Bags of New York Fashion Week

| February 27, 2017

Bags are women’s best friends and Bag is the most compulsory thing for the ladies because they can keep their personal and needed things in their bags. There are many styles in the bags which the ladies used in their daily routine as hobo style, tote, safari, swagger, clutch and many others.

Women use bags at every place formal, semi formal and casually and they use it according to the occasion or events, simple bags are used casually, stylish and fancy bags work best for formal events. Here we are talking about the different styles of best bags, presented in the New York Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week is one of the four major fashion weeks in the world, held in the month of February and September of each year. It is a semi-annual series of events, generally lasting 7 to 9 days, international fashion collections including dresses for men and women, footwear and bags are shown to the buyers in front of media and general public.

In this post, here is a beautiful collection of ladies bags, if you are interested then click through the gallery below to see the pictures of best and craziest bags from the New York Fashion Week.

This simple but elegant is used for all types of parties, wedding ceremonies, anniversary, get together party , dinner ,lunch  party carry bag that is designed in faux fur in dark red color with metal gold chain holder and a floral buckle closure looking so nice and charming.

You can keep your credit card, mobile phone and the other essential things in this small size bag. You can carry this red color small bag on Valentine’s Day with your red dress designed in the stuff of velvet, match to your bag, red shoes and red lip color to make your spouse or beloved feel happier.

We call this type of bag a backpack that easy to carry on the back or on the shoulder so it is considered perfect for students and for travelling also because a lot of things are kept in this and students can keep their lot of books and notebooks in this bag.

Backpack seen in the picture is designed in leopard print or snakeskin with two front pockets, a lid cove, a shoulder strap and two back straps also so this can be carried on one shoulder or back also for the ease and comfort.

This penguin style bag is perfect for snowy days; make the heads flip by holding this black and white penguin bag with your black and white outfit including black and white leather gloves, white long coat, white socks and knee-length white boots also.

Small size bag in maroon color is fully embellished with white color buttons and same white sequins also, designed with a lid cover and a buckle closure, a small handle is placed to hold it in hand looking so nice. You can keep your cell phone, mirror, tissue paper, hairbrush, necessary makeup and money cards in this small bag.


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