Different Ways of Wearing a Bag-Guide for Women

| October 26, 2015

How a Woman ore Girl can wear a Bag in Different Styles?

A bag I mean a hand bag, shoulder or leather bag has become a very necessary accessory for the women.  No women or girls can imagine going outside without it. It helps them to increase the confidence level when they are walking alone on the road. It helps them to make a bold fashion statement in the street. A bag is like a companion of a woman. It helps them to carry lots of everyday essentials such as lipsticks, mirror, liner, mascara, other cosmetics, body spray etc. In this way bag acts like a mini beauty bag that women can carry from one place to another very easily & use maker up whenever they like. This bag can also be used for storing other items such as office documents, water bottles, credit cards, money, mobile phones, scotch tape & other necessary accessories (but small items are allowable in bag), in this way it can become a small journey bag.  So in short words we can say bag is really a very significance in a woman’s life.
Now the question is how you can carry such an important accessory when you take it with yourself? Don’t worry because I am here for your assistance. Today on this page I am going to share some pictures with you. In each picture you can see a model who wears a bag in different styles. Take a deep look, learn the way & follow the style that you like most or on every new day you can follow a new style!

Wear Bag in Cross Body Style:

blue leather Cross-Body Bag

Wear it Near Hipline for Getting a Rock n Roll Look in Street:

brown wear bag

Follow this Style if You Owns a Wallet Style Leather Bag:

follow this style in case of leather wallet like bag

Simply Wear on Your Shoulder (Left or Right it’s up to you):

LOFT Eyelet Dress & Barrington Stripe Tote bag

Wear it in Backpack Style:

Pack and Warrior Pack purse

Hold Bag in Hand & Look Stunning:

stunning handbag

Wear Bag in Wrist:

wear bag in wrist

Get Stylish Look by hanging it in Your Elbow:

white and black putfit with brown handbag

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