Ways to Decorate the Footwear with Glitter

| March 29, 2016

How I can convert my Simple Shoes into Sparkling Footwears?

How many pairs of footwear you have in your shoe wardrobe? Three or four, six or more? Now tell me whether you have any pair of sparkling footwear or not? If not then don’t worry because here on this page a very interesting idea is waiting for you. Can you guess it? Oho you can because I already mention it into the title of this article. Yes, today, I am going to tell you how you can convert your simplest or matte footwear into sparkling. If you are fed up from your boring style of footwear then it’s the right time to bring a change in it by using “glitter”. Then you can use these glittering footwear for attending evening parties, prom function, wedding parties etc. Glitter can help you to hide the flaws of your old fade color footwears. So, it’s the best way to recycle your old footwears.

No matter, whether you have winter boots or summer strappy sandals or you want to change your pumps, because this idea is just perfect for every style of women footwear. Here are some ideas. Read these carefully & try these. Hopefully, you will get better results.

Things Required: For renovation of shoe with glitter, you need glitter, glue (for pasting glitter with shoe), a brush (for apply glitter on footwear), a sponge (for balancing the glittered footwear) & a piece of paper (try to keep this paper on the floor & then keep your footwear on this paper & now apply glitter on your shoe so that if glitter fall down then you can again use this glitter by collecting from newspaper). Glitter bottles, glue, brushes, sponge etc are easily available on the shops.

What Color of Glitter I Should Choose? If you have white leather footwear then you can choose silver glitter for it or you can think color multi color glitter. Similarly, for golden footwear you can choose same golden color glitter or you can also apply multi-color.  For red leather footwear, choose red glitter, for pink footwear I prefer pink glitter & so on. Sometimes, you can think about combination such as pink glitter looks nice on purple footwear, silver glitter on sky blue footwear or on black footwear & so on.

On What Parts of Footwears I can apply Glitter? Well, the answer of this question depends on the style of your footwear. If you have high heel or medium heel pumps style footwear (no matter whether you have pointed toe pumps, peep toe or closed toe or open) then I think you should fully covered your footwear with glitter as shown below into the picture.

how to decorate shoes with glitter (1)

If you have sneakers or winter boots then again you can decorate your simple winter footwear with glitter as shown below into the picture. These glittering shoes can help you to make a style statement into the street.

how to decorate shoes with glitter (2)

The ballerina style footwears can also be decorated with glittered.
how to decorate shoes with glitter (5)

You can create polka dots design on the shoes of your little girl with glitter as shown below so that your little girl can wear these with shimmery frocks on school parties.


how to decorate shoes with glitter (6)

You can add a chic & funky element into your footwear just by adding glitter on the heels part, no matter whether your footwear have pencil heel or wedge as shown below.

how to decorate shoes with glitter (7) how to decorate shoes with glitter (8)

Try to add glitter only at the pointed toe part & on the back ankle plus heel part for creating stylish footwear.

how to decorate shoes with glitter (9)

If you have strappy summer sandal then add glitter only on the straps of footwear.

how to decorate shoes with glitter (10)

Hopefully, you love all these ideas. Don’t worry, these all are really very easy. Just try at home & then let me know with your opinion!

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