Top 7 Bizarre And Unique Pair Of High Heels For Ladies

| July 17, 2017

High heels are considered not only pair of shoes for ladies but passion. Every woman need pair of high heels although if she like flats and spot shoes a lot. There are number of reason why women like to carry high heels.

Some woman tends to feel confident while wearing high heels and other tends to look sexy and attractive as pair of high heels compliments their figure. There is now number of options in high heel for ladies. We will also discuss our some of reasons that why women seems to be obsessed with high heels.

High heels add height:

High heels add height to woman body and thus make iit look more slim, attractive and ready to go. There can be varied reasons that why women want to ad height. Either they want to look flattering or they want to match their height with taller date and etc.

High heel draws attention:

Women wearing high heels grab attention of people. men love those women who like to wear high heels as it make women to look confident, straight headed and sexy as well.

High heels enhance confidence:

Confidence level is automatically boosted hen you feel that you look good. High heel compliments any type of body and varied shapes as well. you will automatically feel confident when you look good.

High heel makes you look thinner:

Another most important factor we are discussing about high heels that it makes you look thinner. High heel adds height in your personality and thus creates illusion that you look thinner as compared your actual body shape.

High heel is basically a need for people but some people has carried this beautiful fashion segment in eagerly unique and bizarre way which would not be comfortable for ladies to wear. Just take a look.

Visual aids:
Metallic cage inspired high heels:

Spiky crystalline high heel style:

Crystal bizarre high heel shoes:

Wired bloody eye high heel shoes:

Contemporary high heels:

Chain high heels:

Bizarre high wedge heels:

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