Fabulous Fun Ideas To Make Your Simple Old Shoes Into Stylish New One

| July 15, 2017

If you are bored with your casual old pair of shoes and want to make them stylish so that you could use them with your fancy and stylish dresses. There are lots of ideas about making stylish shoes and we have gathered some fabulous fun ideas;

by following them you can convert your old shoes into new one. When will you attend a party by wearing your casual pair with some variations no one will guess that the shoe you are wearing casual and old footwear.

Extend your shoes life and create your own style and instead of garnishing the shoes from the front, try the back side of the shoes. To make the back of the shoes be prominent, you will need a glue stick, different sizes and shapes of stones.

You can use colorful stones to adorn the back part, apply the glue onto it and place the stones one by one at a little gap. Let the pair air dry and after drying, your pair is ready to use, combine your pair with your fancy dress and get compliments about your creation.

If you like glittery and sparkly things then why not you turn your casual simple shoes into glittery shoes? Yes it is a great idea, apply a pair of your suede black rounded toe pumps, cover the entire surface including heels with glue with the help of a brush and then sprinkle golden color glitter onto the whole wet area.

To get the fine results, you will work very quickly because if the surface will dry it will not be able to stick the glitter. You will be amazed to see this because a totally new pair of shoes is in front of you and you can do this with your white shoes by using the different color of glitter.

If you don’t want to spend money to convert your old shoes into new then here are innovative ideas for you. Take you retired garment whether it is a top wear or bottom wear, cut it out and apply the sticking glue on each shoe.

Then paste the garment onto the pair very finely and remove the excess garment with the help of a sharp scissor. By following this method you can prepare matching shoes with each outfit to make your fashion statement.


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