Different Easy Ways to Clean Your White Shoes

| April 1, 2017

White color shoes never go out of fashion, clean and crisp white shoe always looks nice and sophisticated. White shoes are usually used for sports and with school uniform also, white color sports shoes as sneakers, joggers, converse etc look graceful and provide comfort and ease.

Though white color shoes look nice and great but keeping them clean can be a challenge and one downward about white shoes is that they get dirty and stain easily after a short period of time. Cleaning white shoes is much easier than keeping them clean, by following these tips you can make white shoes look like new again.

First before cleaning the shoes it is important to remove the obvious dirt and debris from the surface of the shoes with a soft cloth or brush. Remove the shoe laces because the laces can be washed separately in a washing machine.

Fill a plastic tub with warm water and make sure that water is no too hot, add a small amount of detergent soap or powder in warm water. Splash the soapy water on the surface off the shoes to get them wet or you can soak the shoes in soapy water for a while. Use a tiff brush and rub the each shoe with soapy water to clean thoroughly and pay special attention to tough stains.

After cleaning the shoes with soapy water, dump the dirty soapy water down the drain and then take fresh warm water and soak the shoes in it or simply run the shoes under warm water to remove all the soapy water from the shoes.

Stuff your wet shoes with white paper towel, place them on another towel  and let them air dry, the paper will absorb the water and decrease the drying time and it will also help hold the shape of shoes as they dry.

You can clean your white shoes by spraying a multipurpose cleaner, wipe off the excess cleaner with a towel and then scrub the shoes with toothbrush.

Lemons are also great for removing or cleaning stains, make a paste of freshly squeezed lemon juice and baking soda, apply this mixture on your shoes and rub it with a satin eraser, an enchantment eraser adequately expel most stains from white shoes as grass stains and mud stains also.

Make your own shoe cleaner with baking soda and water, take 1 tablespoon of baking soda, half tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and mix it a small amount of warm water to make a thick paste.

If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide at home then you can make a mixture or paste by combining just baking soda and water. Take an old toothbrush, dip it in the paste and rub the shoes thoroughly and allow this paste to dry on the shoes for atleast half an hour and then rinse your shoes with plain water.



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