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| March 21, 2017

Girls are very conscious about their dressing they want to look stylish and attractive in the dresses because dressing makes the man perfect and a person who is not very beautiful but his dressing is good then he look so attractive and cute .

when the function of any type is organized and girls are invited first they think that which dress should be carried because in the parties hustle and bustle is due to colorful and the sparkling dresses so the girls are the souls of all parties and ceremonies .

brides are the center of attraction in any event and the bridesmaid are very close to the bride  because they are like  the protective angles near the fairy  so with the dresses the footwear are also selected  in the nice color and styles  because the footwear are second to the outfits some  high height girls  like to wear the flat shoes with their fancy dresse.

And  some who have joint and back bone pain but the flat are not so casual you can select the fancy and formal in the flat  so stay with us and see the gorgeous  footwear.

Floral sandal in copper:

All the colors can gi with the white dresses of the brides but the white , silver , golden ,black and the  copper are best for the great look the bride is in the white dress whenever the bridesmaid are in the blue silk dresses that can make your look beautiful  with your  one piece dress wear the floral copper sandal  back strap in the flat sole  it cannot good with blue shaded dress rather carry it with any color dress.

Multi strap sandal:

In the wedding if you don, t want to go with high heel sandal and the pumps then wear the flat shoes for the nice look different long and short dresses in the white color  are looking good with the strappy sandal  ankle length in brown colors boho girls and rustic wedding inspired bridesmaid wear these flat sandal it can be carried after wedding in the casual dressing .

Colorful shoes with simple dresses:

With  Yellow colorful dresses wear the colorful sandal and the shoes  simple flat strappy ,high heel ankle boots , pumps and the wedges all are looking nice with these dresses  in the forest the bridesmaid with the colorful dresses and the footwear are looking like the colorful flowers  these shoes can wear in the summer season dresses because all are in simple and flat style.

White color floral and embroidered:

White color is best for the  brides and the bridesmaid because it give them great look  and you look like the  princess and fairy so with your simple and embroidered dress wear the floral and the embroidered shoes  the round style from the front and the fabric flower id made on the upper of the flower with different size beads ,stones and pearls  with ankle silk ribbon in the strap style is looking fabulous for the bridesmaid and this is for those who are very teen age brides.

Glittered embellished loafers:

The bridesmaid  are not much interested in the high heel  shoes they like to go with the flat heel shoes because the high heel is best for the brides  so the different color bridesmaid dresses carry the glittered embellished shoes  that are in the loafers style  all the bridesmaid are in the purple dress so the shoes are in the silver color and the bride silver dress is looking well with baby pink shoes.

Golden brown color sandal:

Golden shaded fish style peep toe from the front is looking fabulous  front strapped and the upper of the sandal is fully embedded with beads and stones  the pull back on the back of shoes is that keep your foot fitted and this sandals are very easy to walk wearing on wedding  carry it with the simple casual dresses after the wedding because in your feet it look nice when you apply red shaded nail paint on your foot.

Pointed pumps:

Girls like to go with the lace and the chiffon dresses because the light fabrics give you light atmosphere  so in summer if you are going to become the bridesmaid then wear the  lace chiffon dress it go well with the chiffon net stuff shoes in the pointed style  with the georgette stuff bow knot also in white color is looking dazzling  so  the net stuff flowers are made of the pumps that is giving you great look on the bow knot tiny pearls are giving your pumps royal look.

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