What Styles of Glasses are perfect for Women over 35?

| March 2, 2016

Right Selection of Glasses for 35 Years Old Women:

I am very well aware from the fact that we are living in a very modern age where it is impossible for a lady to step out into a street or in an office without proper fashion info. Yes, if a lady or girl will go outside without proper dressing or hairstyling then of course people will never like her. For making your existence graceful in a crowd, you must need to follow the latest rules of fashion otherwise you cannot move into this highly fashionable society with confident. Confidence comes with fashion, with style, with right attitude! Mostly the young or teen age are never behind in the race of fashion & they keep their eyes on the latest trends of fashion but the real problem is for those ladies who are over 30 or 36 because they starts to think that they never need any fashion info because they are now old ladies. But dear don’t think like this way. You should be more fashion experienced as compared from teenage girls. So, be confident, take care of yourself. Groom yourself, pay attention towards hairstyling, hair cut, hair color, skin care, improve your dressing style from time to time & choose comfortable pair of Footwears.

Today, I am here with a special article of eyewear for women over 35 I mean their age is over 35. Eyewear is a very simple & low cost fashion accessory that is available at every fashion store & girls are crazy about it so why don’t you try it. Don’t think about your age because I think glasses can go perfect with every age of lady. But you need to be careful about your face shape. Keep the following points into the mind!

•    There are basically five face shapes such as oval, round, square, rectangle & heart. You all are very well familiar from these shapes. So, determine which face shape you have either by looking in mirror or by capturing a photo. You can also ask from your friend.
•    Similarly you can find different shapes of frames such as Butterfly, Cat-Eye, Geometric, Oval, Rectangle, Round, Square etc. The frame sizes can vary from Extra Large to Large, from Medium to Petite & Small. You can get rimless glasses, semi rim or metal rim or plastic rim. The prices of glasses also vary from high to low cost. You can find versatile colors in frames.
•    Here, I give a range of different shapes of glasses & I also illustrate which shape of glasses can go best with what face shape. Take a look

Aviator Glasses:

1 avaitor Best Glasses for Women Over 30 (1)
This shape of glasses accentuates the oval face shape in a best way. The square shape women can also wear this shape.

Cat Eye Glasses:

2 cat eye Best Glasses for Women Over 30

This shape of glasses is best for heart, square & oval face shape.

Jeweled Glasses:

3 jeweled glasses for formal wear for women over 30

Women over 35 can rock into parties or at formal events by wearing jeweled glasses as shown above into the picture.

Oversize Glasses:

4 oversize glasses   for Women Over 30 (1)

For making the round face more flattering try oversize glasses or oval face shape ladies can also try oversize.

Rectangle Glasses:


5 rectangle shape glaases for women over 30 (1)

These glasses are also best for oval & round face shape.

Round Glasses:

6 round glasses Best  for Women Over 30 (1)

Round face shape ladies don’t wear round glasses because in this way their face will look more round while ladies with square face shape can add roundness on their face by using round shape glasses. These are also perfect for heart & oval face shape.

Square Glasses:

7 square shape glasses for women (1)

The ladies with square face shape don’t wear square glasses because in this way their face will look more square while ladies with round face shape can add some geometric touch on their face by wearing square shape glasses.

Wayfarer Glasses:

8 wayfarer for Women Over 30 (1)

Best for round, oval & heart face shape.

Keep some more points into the mind.
•    Try to clean & dry your glasses with a microfiber piece of cloth.
•    Hide dark circle under eyes with appropriate concealer.
•    Try to apply natural eye shadow colors on your eyes such as browns or creams so that you eyes will look nice in transparent glasses.
•    Try to curl your lashes, apply mascara & eyeliner fort more attractive eyes.

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