Timeless Combinations Of Brown With Other Colors

| September 13, 2017

Brown is the natural color and it is the color of soil, earth, wood, it provides feelings of organization and history as well cozy feelings of warmth and relaxation. It is a warm color that is associated with the season of fall and winter so it is mostly used in wearing outfits.

Brown color has different shades such as beige, chocolate, chestnut, khaki, sandy brown, amber, tan, taupe, amber etc.

The color itself looks nice and sophisticated and makes a good combination when combined with some other colors such as red, yellow, green, blue, white, black etc. So here we have compiled a list of brown color outfits paired with some other colors.

Brown color will always be enhanced when paired with crisp white, it is a timeless combination. The pair of both colors looks classy and chic and creates a charming and unique drama and mostly used for formal suiting.

For a casual look for office or party, consider wearing this dress, pair your brown color leather pants with button up crisp white shirt and ankle wrap high chunky heel brown color suede sandals.

You can accessorize your outfit with some lightweight jewelry including chain pendant necklace, bracelet and bangles also and while going outside hold a matching letter clutch in your hand to make your fashion statement.

Here you can see the picture of fashion blogger Kristina Bazan wearing the somber combination of khaki and light grey. Like her, tuck your light grey color t-shirt having cap sleeves and round neckline into the pair of your khaki pants for a casual-chic street style look.

Consider wearing pyramid studs embellished black footwear with this outfit, hold a light brown color leather bag in your hand and roll the hem of your khaki pant for a bold statement. For a radiant look, make a pair of brown color with hot red as shown in the picture.

Team your hot red pant with light brown color button up shirt having long sleeves, accessorize your outfit with brown color leather waist belt matching brown color long beaded necklace. Finish off your look by wearing dark brown color goggles,

light brown color pimps and gold a glossy patent raccine emerald green color bag in your hand top add colors to your simple looking outfit and to make you look ravishing and enthralling.


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