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| March 30, 2017

The bags are in different style and stuffs   because bags are the best friend of the ladies they keep their all secret things in the bags  because when you go out you have need to some things and that  are in your bags  because now a days  the trend of handbags  is increasing day by day no one like to move  outside without  handbags.

So the handbags are carried in different styles and the size .mostly the tote bag ,hobo , swagger, shoulder bag , messenger and many other are used by the girls  and it is in the different colors  some like to go with leather and the fabricated bags and some like to go with the plastic and the racccine bags. For going on the different places use these bags  with the different dresses.

Because the  bags  are used by all ladies whether she is house wife or a working lady or a  college going or any other because  they want to look beautiful and impressive so here I have some bag styles  which are good for you  if you want to carry the different bags then stay with us and see the bags.

Maroon leather bags:

In the maroon color leather stuff bag is looking gorgeous you can carry this bag in your hands it is just like swagger bag with the tights and  top carry this bag it look so nice and attractive  you can carry this bag at the time of going outside and the  time of university it look so decent but the color is up to your choice which you want to use.

Messenger bag:

The girls like to use different and unique things the girl is in the skirt with blouse dress and the black color messenger bag is looking nice with this dress  the dress is dotted and at the place of black you can carry the dotted handbag also  black with white is also good at the place of black bag you can also go with the white racccine bag.

Shoulder bag in pink :

The girls who are going  on the tour plan  or at the shopping malls they can select the shoulder bags  that  can hang it on the shoulder it is so large you can keep your all secret things in your bags  with tights and the top  the pink color  shoulder and messenger style bag is looking gorgeous  5the girls can also use it to keep their book and other things.

Tote bag style:

In the bags the style are very much which are used by the girls so the tote bag is also a great choice for the girls it look very  attractive  the tote bag is in the shape of length and  that is in the rectangle style  the girl is in the  shirt with shirts and white tote bag is looking nice on her the boho girl is looking  so cute in this dress wear the bangles and other jewelry for the beautiful look.

Half moon bags:

Many styles are adopted by the girls in the selection of bags so the  half moon style is also good for those ladies who are going in the park for walking and taking exercise  but when it is in the fancy style then use the  half moon  bags  also this bag is made of crochet  in different color yarn so you can also make it at home in the summer with your dresses it look nice.

Cross shoulder bag:

The girls adopted different  bags with their different dresses because they want to look beautiful and attractive  so the cross shoulder bag is also very beautiful  dull yellow color  cross shoulder bag is good for the bike rider girls , sporty girls and street style look because it in the new style with the vested top and narrow jeans use this bag that will give toy perfect look.

Satchel style:

In the style of bags it is very difficult to select anyone because girls want to go with something new and  graceful so the girls are using the satchel bag  also that are available using every color when you are going outside then choose the dark color bag  single grey , off white with brown and skin all the shades are good for using in your casual routine so use these bags it can contain many things in these bags.

Hand bag in leather:

Ladies like to use the should bag because they don’t like to go with the  pouch and shoulder bags because many pickpockets are  present in the bazaar  white top wish denim jeans is looking fabulous  with skin color nude bag  it is in the shoulder hang style it is under your shoulder .office ladies, celebrity and the get to gather parties you can use these  bags.


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