Mehandi Designs for the Hindu Festival of Karva Chauth

| October 26, 2016

Karwa chauth is the  traditional day of the Hindus they  celebrate this day  s celebrated on the dark  fourth day of the  fortnight  and the day of their any idol  month so the karwa chauth is their big festival at this day the  wives keep fast for their husband for their long life  they stay in the fasting for till the  moon set from the sun rise  because they want to  longevity of their husband’s life. On this event the ladies like to apply the mehandi because this is just like the Eid day for tem in their mehandi designs they write their husband’s name in the center of the mehandi designs .

unmarried girls are also fastening for their fiancés   or to their desired husbands. Let move forward and see the mehandi  because mehandi designs are not remain same it is changed  with the passing of time  and in the mehandi style floral ,  Moroccan ,Arabic Pakistani .Indian ,Rajhistani , ,glittered ,multi colored and trendy mehandi are very common among the Indian ladies  so if you want to apply the mehandi then stay with us and see the different designs of mehandi you have no need to use the different mehandi books and the  charts.

Arabic mehandi designs:


Arabic  mehandi  is  the very famous among the ladies because  it is  very good when you apply it on your hand  the Arabic mehandi is something thick and the leaves ,vines flowers are mostly used in it  is something scattered and  not apply with the sleek cone rather apply it to cut the cone  in the thick style  the thickness of the mehandi and the  outline decoration make your mehandi beautiful  the young girls like to go with it.

Floral mehandi designs:


Now a day’s floral mehandi designs are very common among  the  girls they are making the flowers  on their hand the feet for the wedding and the Indian girls like to go with floral mehandi on the karwa chauth  the flowers are not made in  type rather you can go with any floral  style like heart shape ,  rose and the many other flowers this  mehandi style is good for the spring season but on the  event it can go well it is up to your choice you can add the colorful glitter in your designs.

Rajhistani style:


Rajhistan is the well known place of the Indians the  Marwari and Rajhistani apply the same mehandi on their hands their mehandi is very sleek but  full  on the hand no space remain free after applying the mehandi the king and the queen  faces are made on the  mehandi sometime the  culture of the Rajhistani is also made on the mehandi the historical places the life style and the using articles are also made on the hands  it loom so traditional  curvy designs ,motifs, flowers, intricate pattern and the peacock are  made.

Moroccan style:


Moroccan style mehandi is also used by the African Indian ladies on the karwa chauth  it is not too much filly all about designs are in square , triangle means in the geometric style  too much dots and the sleek style is prominent in the African style mehandi  if you want to go  twisted and whirlpool mehandi then Moroccan style mehandi is best for you  with the glitter  if you want it fancy and attractive.

Heavy mehandi:


Some girls like to go with the heavy mehandi because some brides  whose weddings are on the karwa  chauth   they can apply the heavy mehandi because it give them both events look at one time the heavy mehandi is full of  paisley designs ,flowers , vines and too much  and intricate motifs are on the mehandi you can go with any style on the karwa chauth it is up to your choice. For the great look you can add the beads and the pearls with the glitter.

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