Lipstick Vs Lip gloss: What First is Better Than Second?

| January 29, 2016

Know the difference of lip gloss & lipstick

What is lipstick?

Beauty cosmetics are added in the females exterior facial gorgeousness from ancient time and most prominent is highlighted shade lipstick and considered that women prettiness can’t complete without applying denser lipstick. Lipstick actually, is thicker cosmetic stick that covers up in the pot and comes in varied texture like creamy, frosted & matt. Creamy lipstick looks awesome lovely because its colors are bright natural and useful for dry lips. This can stay with you almost four or five hours. Frosted lipstick has slightly pigments than creamy & matt but these tints are avail in numerous tints. Frosted lipstick usually packed with shimmer for perfect fuller lips beauty and third matt lipstick offers flat colors and long lasting appealing glance like day to night. Matt lipstick will keep your lips slightly dry and this is appropriate for summer season.

What is lip-gloss?

Like this dressing trend are changed with passing the time same as cosmetic products are also formatted in modernistic form according the requirement demands. Lip gloss is modern advanced production of lip beauty that usually comes in nude natural shiny liquid. This comes in tubes with flat top, pots with finger applying and wands. You can choose ideal preference to carry in your handbag. Lip gloss is neutral than lipstick and this is not in dry form rather than it always comes in liquid moisturize texture that keep lips safe and lesser shiny. Shimmery fruity flavor creamy, sheer & opaque just for shine all items are latest lip gloss that is merely not for school going teenage girls rather than adult women can also apply this moist lip gloss. This is best lips cosmetic for dry skin and good friend in the winter frosty season.
Now, you knew both (lipstick & lip gloss) accurate definition and this depend on you that which has preference for you or this is best idea that you should use both according the celebration and dressing. When you wear vibrant color lush dress then light pinkish lips are in the preference and the condition is opposite then you can apply highlighted pigment lipstick.
If we notice celebrity females then you will know that lip gloss “& lipstick both are familiar in this modern craze and you can apply lipstick with lip gloss simultaneously but you needed same tint lip gloss or nude lip gloss to have shiner natural touch your denser lips. Here, you will see many lip gloss & lip stick fuller lips. Intensely look and judge which is better for you.

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