Ideas to Adorn Hands with Nail Paint And Rings

| May 28, 2017

Ugly hands can make you feel confuse and you can fall in inferior complexion due to your unattractive hands. You can do different home remedies to make your hands look attractive.

To further make them eye-catching and attention-grabbing you can adorn your hands with different ornaments. You can make the self-centered place of hands; your nails look glamorous with nail paint designing. Then make that nail paint more classy and edgy wearing different rings and mid rings.

Mall and delicate looking rings and mid rings will make your hands look pretty and gorgeous. Some beautiful designing of nail paint with amazing rings and mid rings to make hands beautiful are shown here:

Nails with stripped designing and mid rings:

You can wear this designing of nail paint using scotch top. Cut the tape in different sizes and shapes and placing on the nails you will first paint your nails with black paint and then removing the tape paste silver and golden stripes. Wear rings and mid rings in your fingers and this way of nail paint and decoration will give your hands classy and gorgeous look.

Sequins embellished nail paint and mid rings:

Purple nail paint and sequins embellished nail paint will give your hands graceful look. You can adorn your hands more with wearing mid rings. V-shape mid rings and round shape mid rings will look awesome with this color nail paint. For semi-party or party functions you can make this designing of nail paint and can go with these stylish mid rings.

Golden nail paint and stone embellished rings:

Golden shiny nail paint will give awe-inspiring and breath-taking look to your hands. Stone embellished rings of medium size will look nice with the nail paint designing. These colors of rings and nail paint will give your hands glowing look. Your hands will look very classy and edgy with this style and design.

Turquoise color nail paint with different rings:

Turquoise color nail paint is looking stunning and striking with black color stud embellishment. You can make the designing of shimmer making V-shape designing on the tip of the nail. Give outline with black color and fill it with shimmer.

White and black color designing will give enthralling look to your nail. You can wear rhinestones embellished rings and chain style mid-ring to make your hands look fabulous and glowing.


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