Foundation Ideas for the Acne Scars

| August 12, 2016

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Make up is a compulsory thing for every girl because make up give them a great look and they  remain incomplete without make up because  make up  can hide your all, scars , pimples ,acne ,freckles and the  dark circles  so you should use the makeup but leave in your limits because if you do much  make up you look like clownish so keep your make up light  the main thing which is checked by the others is your foundation that should be  apply in a proper way because if you apply  foundation and  not use  it in right way then you can see the  pimples on  your whole face .

when you are going to buy the foundation then check it that it is matched to your  skin or not because sometime   your color is white  and we use the black  color on it  look so bad and on the black skin  don’t use the  light color base match it and then apply. If you want to hide your face scars and the pimples spots then stay with us and see which foundations are good for our faces.

Oily skin:

The girls who have white color then they can use the white  base on your skin  take little quantity of primer and the  foundation  and apply it on your face and absorb it in a good way  in your skin if you have an oily skin and the sensitive skin then you should not use these things  then at the place of  foundation and the base you can use the  loose powder and the  pressed powder because it keeps your  oil from the face away on your white complexion  you can use the white ,nude pink and the  peach color  foundation and must see the  expiry date of the  foundation because if you apply the little quantity of  it on your face  then pimples and the scars  will more increased on your face so avoid  to use the  thick and oily liquid  foundation on the oily face. It is better for the oily skin that they use the loose foundation powder at the place of oily liquid base.

Normal skin:

Normal skin has not enough problems because it can be managed with the   all seasons because on the normal skin   we can use  foundation and the face powder all the things but if you are feeling scars on your skin then skip the foundation which you are using because may be it is due t the allergic  so on the normal skin apply the   foundation  but on it you can use the compact powder that will hide your all scars but the bronzer is also good for  cover your scars.

When you are going outside then must use the sun block and  select such foundations  in which the sun protection is used because it will save you from the ultra violet rays  of the sun and you  remain fresh for many time .if the acne scars are on your face  then apply the foundation on that place and blend it in right way and then use the  concealer on it  and blend with the finger you will see your face is  acne scar free.

Dry skin:

Dry skin create too much problem in the winter like that oily skin is not for the summer season  in the winter you feel too much dryness and the  different scar of  dryness on your face  the skin start to become tattered and the tight  which  give you a bad look for those ladies who have  dry  skin they should do the massage with the unboiled milk  with the honey and  keep it  for 20 minutes when it become dry then wash your face.

The girls who are going in the functions and want  to apply makeup fir going  outside because you don’t want to stay at home  then for the  dry skin you can use  the  dark color  foundation  but if your complexion is white then  use the  light color  base for the dry skin primer and the liquid foundations are  well that will give your dry face a complete glowing look.
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