Facial Hair Styles That Women Love and Hate –

| April 9, 2016

They say clothes make the man. And this is probably true. But clothes, coupled with a nice facial hairstyle, make the woman go crazy for the man. We talked to female stylists, hairstylists and fashion bloggers and they suggested the following facial hairstyles do’s and don’ts. Ave a clear look at it.


Facial Hair is one of those things that girls usually either love or hate. Facial hair is also one of those things guys like to play around and experiment with, Usually a girl prefers nice smooth skin instead of that icky prickly or hairy moustache or beard, if you really think you look better with the facial hair then go for it! What have you got to lose?



When some girls see a well groomed beard, it creates positive associations. we have a lot of nice and fine feeling with beards. Something about a well-groomed beard makes women think of such distinguished gentlemen.



When it comes to what facial hair works, it really depends on the guy. Confidence in wearing it is a very big part Some guys look really good with beards, whether they’re long and full or just a little bit of shadow. Facial hair can completely transform the way a man looks.


Both sexes agreed men appeared healthier and sexier the shorter and neater the beard. women prefer the trim, and that facial hair staying well groomed shows a man cares about health, hygiene and romance. With beards being popular these days, I do feel it should be kept up, clean, and smelling nice. Big beards are going to find a smaller audience with women too than tight ones.




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