Easy Steps to Apply Pencil Eyeliners

| March 30, 2016

Short and easy steps to apply pencil eye liner

Eye liner is considered as amazing and innovative creation of makeup as it helps in extend out the eyes and give out a vision of big beautiful eye. People may have small eyes sometimes and the concept of beauty merely involves big eyes with thick eye lashes and dark blackish shaded as well. Smoky eye makeup is considered as elevated type of eye makeup that is probably utilized by women because it gave out hot and sizzling effect that is more and more attractive in nature as well.

Our current discussion is based upon highly innovative and considerable ways to apply pencil eye liner to eyes on step by step basis. Pencil eye liner may be sometimes difficult to apply as when our hand is little bit shivered while applying it, can destroy out whole look and create a mess on your face. For such reason we have drafted various simple and easy steps to apply pencil eye liner that will help you out in this issue as well.

Quick steps to apply pencil eye liner for ladies in easy ways:

Pencil eyeliner is also considered as makeup segment that is utilized by women on eyes so that her eyes look bigger and shinier. Sometimes it becomes hard to apply out especially for beginners. Just seek through our drafted steps and we assure you that it will probably help you out and guide you in right direction as well.

Step 1: choose out the perfect pencil eye liner for you:


Step 2: choose the eyeliner color you want to apply:



Step 3: face your face before applying eyeliner:


Step 4: apply matte base eye shadow so that it better hold eyeliner:


Step 5: hold your eye lid upward lightly:


Step 6: apply eyeliner to your upper lid:


Step 7: Apply eyeliner to your lower lid:


Step 8: highlight your eyes:



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