Easy Steps How you Apply Eyeliner on The Top Lid

| May 22, 2015

Eyeliner is the most important cosmetics that create beautiful look of your eyes. It’s gives dramatic appearance and gives the bombastic appearance as a whole. There are different types of eyeliner: liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and cream or powder eye-liner. This eyeliner applies on eyes with different ways. Some like to make cat eyes, some simple and some bold. Rather every eyeliner gives different and distinctive look to women. Girls who don’t know how they can apply eyeliner beautifully, below I am telling steps that will help them in creating dramatic eyes. Take a look!

  • •    First select eyeliner. Either you want to apply pencil or liquid or powder.
    •    Before applying eyeliner, prepare your eyes. Apply primer before eyeshades; this will stick your eye-make up.
    •    Applying eye shades whatever you want. Or if you want to go with eyeshades of different color then brownish color eye shadow must apply.
    •    After applying eye shadow, tale eyeliner and make thin line from the inner corner of upper lid.
    •    Draw higher line from the outer corner of upper lid.
    •    Match the line of already apply eyeliner along eyelids. This and upper liner must be thin. After that you can dark this line.
    •    Fill this gap with black pencil or liquid, whatever you want. Be careful, not to go far out of the way. This will give you extremely tremendous look to your eyes.
    •    Apply mascara and you adorable eyes have ready. Your eye makeup has finished and you can go with such a marvelous look anywhere.
    Hope these steps will help you!

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