Different Ways of Wearing Scarves on Head for Girls

| February 25, 2016

How I can wear a scarf with Flexible Ways on My Head?

I usually observe that there are lots of girls who always follow one style of wearing scarf on their head. They usually hesitate to follow the latest trends of wearing scarf. But dear if you want to become a fashion icon & want to make a style statement then you need to show some boldness towards new styles. You need to boost up your confidence level. Today, I am going to share some very versatile ideas of wearing scarves on head. Each & every idea is quite different from the other. Doesn’t worry, I never include the tough ones but all are very easy & only at first glimpse you can learn how you can wear the scarf. Whether you belong from an eastern country or western, it never matters because here I tried to include all ideas for all women. Let’s start our scan!

Wear Scarf on Head in Bohemian Style:

bohemian style of wearing scarves on your head to look stylish & chic

Take inspiration from the bohemian culture. Just loosely wrap scarf around your head or bind scarf on head as shown into the above picture. These ideas are just perfect for those girls who want to attend the bohemian theme parties or beach parties. If you are sick of from the statute ways of wearing scarves then these boho styles can spice up your bore look. Try these with maxis or long flowy gowns.

Business Woman Head Scarf Wearing Ideas:

business woman head scarf ideas stylish

If you are a business woman & want to wear a scarf on your head then just simply wear scarf on head & knot it around the neck. It may create a vintage style but believe me you will surely look like strong & powerful businesswoman. Apply red or fuchsia pink lipstick on your lips & rock into your business circle as a bold, fashion conscious & strong lady.

Emo Fashion Inspired Ways of Wearing Bandana Scarf:

emo inspired ideas of wearing scarves on your head look funky

Do you love funky looks? Then you just need a bandana style scarf so that you can bind this scarf on your head like a hair band. This can give you a perfect funky emo girl look. You can bind this bandana in bow style or in bun style. The choice is yours.

Gangster Style of Wearing Scarf on Head for Girls:

gangster style of wearing scarves on your head to look trendy

Take some inspiration from the gangster style. Wrap your scarf around your head like a gang lady. Convert a square scarf into a triangle piece now keep this triangle on your head & bind the both corners at the back on your head. Another idea is to let a long piece of scarf to flatter here & there.

Turban & Updo Inspired Ideas for Wearing Scarf on Head:

turban & updo style ideas for wearing scarves on your head to look trendy

If you want to add volume on your head then I think the turban or updo style ways of wearing scarf on head are just right for you as you can view into the above picture. For creating these styles, you usually need a large size of scarf. You can use printed scarves as well as plain or dyed, the choice is completely yours.

Scarves with Pretty Hairstyling:

turban & updo style idwearing scarves on your head like a hairband to look cute

You can also use the bandana style scarf with high ponytail for getting a pretty look. Try it with side swept, open curly, braided or updo hairstyles. You can bind a bandana on your head either from back nape area of your neck to front crown area or from front to back.

Muslim & Turkish Women Inspired Fully Covered Ideas:

wearing scarves on your head like a turkish or muslim hijab

Do you belong from an eastern country where you are restricted to wear scarf on head in such a way that it can fully cover your head, shoulders, neck & ears then try these Muslim girls inspired hijab look or Turkish inspired look.

Hopefully, you love all the versatile ideas that are illustrated above.

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