Oh-so-Perfect Dress Up Option With White Shirt

| January 29, 2018

Simple white shirt also called a basic shirt; it is an essential wardrobe staple. People including men and women either belong to a profession or not have at least one single white shirt in their seasonal wardrobes. But in this article we are talking about just women, a white shirt is a basic piece that a woman owns. Here we are going to discuss with you different ways to wear a white shirt whether it is button down or tee-shirt. White shirt looks good with almost all kinds of bottom wear as jeans, leggings, skirts and shorts etc.

Tuck your white shirt into black skirt:

Wearing a button down white shirt does not require rocket science or a lot of fashion know-how. White shirt looks awesome pairing with black bottomwear. Opt for pleated long black shirt and tuck your button down white shirt into your black skirt for polished look.

Black velvet overall dress with white shirt:

Mostly women use to wear velvet outfits in chilly weather to stay warmth and easy throughout the day. If you are working women then you must have a white shirt for professional look. Don button down white shirt and top it off with black velvet overall dress for gorgeous and sophisticated look. To add colors to your classy monochromatic look, you can go with a pair of red pumps to have ravishing look.

Front bow over size white shirt:

For hot summer days, white shirt is a smart choice to stay cool. Try a different look and consider wearing over size button down white shirt having front bow. This way of styling oversize white shirt is perfect for summer street style; couple your white shirt with a pair of lovely red mules for off-the-beat styling.


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