Different Green Shades Designer Outfit Ideas For Summer Season

| March 20, 2017

Green color is such a nice color; it is the color of nature and health and it also relates to balance and harmony. Green color is an emotionally positive color that gives us the ability to and nurtures ourselves and others unconditionally. It is the color of garden lover, home lover and a good host; it helps alleviate depression, anxiety, stress and nervousness.

As a combination of yellow and blue, green color gets its mental clarity and optimism from the yellow color with the emotional tranquility and insight from the blue color. This color is considered specific to spring and summer because it is a cool color.

This natural color has several different shade and hues used in summer season to wear and this article is about green color summer outfits for girls. Let’s talk about the different shades green dresses, if green is your favorite color then find a perfect summer dress from here.

Grass Green color looks nice and fresh and it is the color of nature, health, self confidence and money. Pairing the right color combination can make your break your outfit so always try to make a good combination.

and if you want to make a nice combination with green color then take idea from this picture, the girl in the picture wore an outfit in the combination of blue and grass green color, cap sleeves dark blue top is paired with grass green color trouser, derby hat, pointy toe ankle strap sandals, and multi layered long length pearl necklace.

Emerald green color is looking nice in silk satin shorts, paired with a button down tucked in sleeves flannel shirt, the combination of plain shorts and flannel shirt is looking so nice. Emerald green color is an inspiring and uplifting color suggesting abundance and wealth in all its forms from mental to emotional well being to creative ideas.

This one piece dress is designed in dark green color with black color tiny dots somewhere; dark green color is often associated with ambition, greed, selfish desire and jealousy. This dark green one piece dress is combined with leopard print pompom pumps; yellow and black color leather tote bag, brown color waist belt and cat-eye sunglasses.

Leaf printed design stuff in light and dark green shades are used to design this one piece dress, tailored in a modern and different style looking nice. If you are going to attend a summer day party then this dress is a perfect option, pair this leaf print dress with flat strappy sandals in black color, maroon color small size leather bag, aqua color round shape frame goggles, maroon lip color and curly hairstyle to look beautiful.

Knee-length dress is designed in pale green color in cotton stuff, this color as the color of new growth for plants indicates immaturity and youthfulness and it allows you to see things from a new perspective to make a fresh start.

For your office, make a fresh start and make a good combination of shocking pink with your pale green color dress and you can add it by wearing shocking pink color footwear and hand bag also to make a style statement.

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