Balochi Little Girls Beautiful Dresses Collection

| March 19, 2015

Baluchistan is culturally rich place with its beauty being reflected in everything the deserts, the coastline, the food and also the clothing. The baloch women apparel is distinctive from other cultures dresses. Baloch women dress consist of three parts, a shirt which more like a frock,  a shalwar trouser and a large piece of cloth to cover head called ‘sareeg’.

Balochi embroidery is very famous among all provinces and looks phenomenal which is done by talented Balochi women. The embroidery is called ‘doch’. Each doch has different pattern and threads of this embroidery are in different colors that are called ‘haft runga’. Embroidery works not only consist of simple thread; women also mirrors for embellishment of embroidered dresses.

This is specialty of Baluchistan province that distinctive them. Here we have little girl’s Balochi dresses. All dresses consist of specific embroidery of Baluchistan. Have a look! See this little cute baby girl typical Balochi dress; pista color dress embellish with classic embroidery. This blue little girl dress also has magnetic embroidery.

This red little frock has been furnished mirror work embroidery beautifully.
Hope you will like such wonderful embroidered little girl dresses!

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