Jacket and Jill Most New Dresses 2016 by The Pink Tree Company

| October 8, 2016

The most awaited season winter is on its way and girls are looking for the next fashion trend. In this season too they would like to wear something new and different. Designers always try to bring novelty and innovation keeping the interest of people in mind. Designing is a very conscious art and it always require newness and change in it.

Now the brand famous in fashion designing world has introduced its new collection. We are talking about none other than ‘The pink tree company’ who has presented such dresses in the collection that the girls will love to wear it. The style of the dresses is totally different from the common dresses. In these dresses girls will feel special like a celebrity.

Calm and serene hues;


The pink tree company has made its name in market through its unique designs and styles. Its new collection that has been launched comprises jacket and jill dresses for winter. In this collection we can see how different shades of colors can be paired to have a perfect outfit. Women would be able to stuff their wardrobe with different exotic colors presented in the new collection of pink tree company. The scheme of hues is very artistic and beautiful.

The colors we can see in this collection are mostly dark colors that used to be the most sought-after colors in winter. Prominent colors are green, warm orange, maroon and golden. All colors are giving very soothing and aesthetic effect. If we look at the given picture we can well assume how the maroon color in the picture is setting the tone of the atmosphere with peace and serenity.

Designing pattern;


The designing pattern is very striking for example in the given picture, a model is wearing green color jacket over a nude color blouse. Jacket is embroiled with machine work and the combination of both looking awesome.  The calligraphy is done at one side of the jacket and only at one corner. Jackets are off shoulder and open from the front.

Other accessories with jacket and jill; 3-the-pink-tree-company-jacket-in-gorlden-color-party-wear-collection

The dresses consist of two pieces including long jacket and blouse. This dress can be paired with jeans or denims. Girls wore in this dress will feel very stylish and classy as denim is their all time favorite. And now couple with a stylishly stitched long jacket they will feel the increase in the grace of their demeanor. Thus the brand has provided an opportunity to make your personality more appealing and more attention-grabbing. These dresses will help you to have glamorous look. As in the picture girl is wearing golden long jacket and maroon color half blouse paired with black pant is looking very modish. A very intrigue designing is done on genuine fabric making the whole outfit chic and modern.

Dramatic style into wearable form;

4-pink-tree-company-jacket-in-dark-pink-colorIt seems that the brand ‘The pink tree company’ has successfully tried to make dramatic dresses wearable in its most comfort form. Girls with beautiful heights and physique can save this dress for any outgoing.  Hair style of straight open hair with bangs from front will complement the whole dress. Then high heeled shoes with this dress will look very nice making the whole appearance very elegant and attractive.

A stylish winter with pink tree company;


Girls will have a very stylish winter this year. They can wear these dresses in wedding functions or parties. Dress itself is so gorgeous and embellished for its hues and designing technique that they do not need to load them with ornaments or jewelry. These jackets and jills are the best options for girls to wear in any kind of occasion to look up-to-date.

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