Hesseh Abbaya Haute Couture Collection 2016:

| April 26, 2016

Abbaya Collection by Hesseh Brand:

Abbaya is a Muslim outfit which is wear by Muslim ladies in all over the world. In this modern and trendy world and even in 21st century still Muslim girls know their ethics and they know that how to cover their body properly as said by their Religion Islam. Abbaya is a long dress draped around your body easily. It is now also become a trend that girls wear abbaya to fulfill the requirement of their religion but also with modified and stylish themes that gives remarkable effect. There are number of exciting designers and brands that deal with new modern and stylish abbayas especially for young girls. Hesseh Abbaya is one of the most maintain abbayas provided brands which launch beautiful and fancy abbayas with different themes in their collection.

Today here in our current post we present a clump which is affiliated with the display of classy and prevailing abbayas which are newly released by Hesseh abbayas couture 2016. This stylish collection is based on dark and deep shades especially black with classy tailored stitching. These unique style abbayas are really captivating and eye catching that cover your body properly and also maintains your stylish and trendy look. This collection is based on pure soothing fabric that will really comfortable and reliable.

Stylish Embroidered Abbaya:


Kaaftan Abbaya:


Stylish Abbaya with Pearl Embellishment:


Beautiful Stitched Black Abbaya:


Hesseh Embroidered Abbaya:



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