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| September 30, 2016

No one wants his/her wedding ceremony to be an unforgettable event for themselves and for people as well. Everyone wants his or her wedding function to be a memorable party function. But what can make your party function different from others that is the question. If it is the same event with same traditions as it happened to be with nothing different and unique from others then it will be a boring function for people. You should make your wedding function change from others and bring something new and interesting. First of all think about a theme for the function.

You can select some particular colors for the invited people to be dressed to get them involved with your party function. If you are choosing any pure or bright color taking these as the impression of flowers then the setting arrangement of the events should go with the same theme. Decorate the marriage place with the same color of flowers.

The setting of place is very important, usually people set up the chairs and table in the same fashion. Respect your guests as much as you can. Family members should stand at the door for the reception of the guests. Take care that people could see the bride and groom easily sitting on their seats. Do not let your friends make circle around bride and groom that would make trouble for the people behind.

Make the easiest way for people to have meal at the place where they are sitting at the time of refreshment. Such should be the arrangements for the guests to make them remember the function in good words.

While entering the hall, the first impression of people should be wonderful. If you select open place then it will look more classy and modish. Arrangements of table and chair should be in a sophisticated manner as they should be dressed in fine cloth. Nice background music will fill the atmosphere with pleasure and entertainment. People will love to see a singer of the time there for live performance.

This will force them to discuss your marriage function even after the long time of the ceremony since your marriage will become an opportunity for them to meet their favorite singer. Some people would like to decorate hall with flowers and some like to tie balloons. If you are arranging the hall with balloons then after function ask your guests to burst them or bride and groom may ask to burst the balloons for having fun and for creating fun for people. Groom should come first and wait for the arrival of bride.

After the bridal came he should go to hold her hand and help her to come and sit beside him. If you want to make the entrance of bride and groom lovelier then ask them to come together and receive wishes from people. If they say about their feelings and sentiments about the day it would be very interesting for the guests to listen.

The food should be delicious and appetizing since people never forget what you serve in marriages. Bring a fresh and hot cake before bride and groom and ask them to cut. Then give them the opportunity to dance together and let everyone see. By following these suggestions you can have a well-organized and well-ordered function which will stay in memory of people for a long time.














Alia Saad marries Arman Moazzez at The Gaylord in National Harbor, MD on Saturday September 10, 2011. Photo by Garrett Hubbard © 2011


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