Ideas for decorating the beer bar

| January 10, 2017

The wedding decoration is the first thing which is observed by the every guest  because the everything is forgotten by us but the decoration is always remember us because the photography and the picture are captured by us are in the decoration of the wedding so the wedding decoration trend is never remain same it is changing day by day

Floral decoration and the lighting in the lawn , wedding places and the many other wedding  halls you can use the candles stand , umbrella , cages, burlap  and the different rustic things for the rustic inspired wedding decoration .now the trend of wedding decoration is changed because the  people are becoming so modern and the trendy they want to go with something different and unique so.

The  bear bar decoration  is very common now a days  due to beer bar  the wedding place look  so rock  if you want  to see the different  wedding place in beer bar style then stay with us and see the different  wedding places.

Beer bar decoration stall:

The people who are fond of drink beer and the  other drinks  in this bar so keep the rustic style  drum and then  keep a rustic style  and the straight board  on it then keep the all bottles with the glass and the ice  with the catching ice tools in the  bucket  so decorate the bar with the dry weeds  and leaves near the stall you can keep the plants and the  leaves vines for the greenery and make the place full of greenery you can use the flower pots  for the beauty.

Rustic style bar:

In the wedding many people like to decorate the place in the rustic style  then on the  wedding place decorate the stairs with the weeds  and the dry leaves  because mostly rustic wedding is in the forest and in the forest the twigs , weeds, dry leaves, and the woody things are used  on the weeds stairs you can keep the tub  with full  of bears bottles  in the different tastes the people will really enjoy with this rocking wedding.

Royal wedding bar:

In the grand and rich wedding ceremonies the bear arrangement is very outclass this bar is also decorated  with tiles colorful chairs with the cabinet table which is kept with the chairs  colorful chandeliers  you can make your wedding bar place  nice keep the beautiful glasses in the bar  and sit on the chair for drink and in the wedding when you will drink you will do full halla gulla.

Fresh beer bar:

You can fit the cooler of beer bar like the water cooler and this is for the guest with open choice because the different kind of beer is in the cooler on the different taps write the name of the taste of the beer near the mountain hills you can keep the colorful flowers near this cooler  and if you are arranging at night then lit the colorful lights for the sparkling look.



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