How to Celebrate Birthday with our Friends

| February 12, 2016


Birthday is very special day for everyone and everyone wants to make this day memorable. Birthday celebration is desire of everyone and he or she wants to spend their time with their special one. Up and downs comes in everybody’s life but we should not lose heart because every dark cloud has a silver line. Same is here if all day is full of tension and worried then a day of your birthday can bring cheer and happiness on your face then you should make this day tremendous and authentic with your friends, family members, colleagues, class mate and your children. On your birthday night you should lay on your bed and think about your previous years that what bad deeds are done by you in past and in this year you have need to do some virtuous deeds because your inner satisfaction is much important for your outer satisfaction. Now you are thinking in what ways we can celebrate our birthdays. But here we have different ideas to celebrate birthdays with friends.



Celebrate birthday in college and school:

In school and colleges you can wish your friends with cards, gifts and flowers. When your birthday is in school then you should follow the rule of school and colleges but with different ways you can celebrate your birthday with your fellows and friends and not break the rules. But not hopeless you can celebrate your birthday in the break time then you can surprise your friend and enjoy with cakes, cold drinks and other eatables things. And you can invite your teachers to make your birthday remarkable and it is great for you that your teachers wishing you on your birthday.


Celebrate your birthday at home:

When your birthday is near and the time of celebration you can choose your home because it is best place where you can enjoy a lot .You should decorate your house according to the colors which do you like and according to this theme you can decorate your houses. If you are teen age girl then pink and white is best but if you don’t like this combination then you can use purple color theme and your dress should also similar to the party theme .On your special day you are a princess then you should wear princess frock and then invite your friends and cut the cake.



Celebrating birthday in club:

If you want to like club and dance parties then there is no another better day to enjoy this day in club and ball parties .Where you can invite your all friends and then do the dance and after some enjoyment cut the cake and wishing your friends with the voice of song and you can record your voices in cassette and when the time of wishing you can play that cassette. The theme of the party is according to the taste of birthday girl or boy. And the setting of sounds should be melodic and sweet .You can make your birthday party fabulous and momentum.



Celebrate your party in hotel:

You can celebrate your parties in different ways such as at home, park, club, school and at your favorite place. On the day of your birthday party you can go in a hotel for cutting the cake and for dinner it is great fun for you and your friends. Invite your friends at home and then go in a hotel then you can enjoy the travel means travel of that distance which is between your house and hotel, and after that you enjoy dinner and birthday cake. If you want to decorate the hotel then order the hotel manager one day before then when you go next day hotel is decorated for you. The table of birthday boy or girl is decorated with his /her favorite things that he will always remember this party.



You can make your birthday special to go on a beach with your friends and enjoy your day in a great and new way .The atmosphere is very good on the beach because very colorful theme you can adopt there the waves of sea and the sweet fragrance of soil attracts you and fascinate everybody .You can contrast everything with your dress just like that ribbons, balloons and table cover etc are similar to your dress. Beach is such a place where you can enjoy a lot because in one time you enjoy two thing first is birthday party second is beach visiting. Cake is according these all setting but it is up to you which flavor do you like most. If you offer cold drinks on your birthday then you can use coconut shells for serve the drinks it can give you more beach style and balloons are colorful way such as parashoot which is very charming and attractive. So guys! Enjoy your birthday with your friends and make selfies and keep it saves as a memorable time of your birthday with your friends. Happy birthday for those whom birthday is very near and they are confused that how they celebrate their birthday in something different and mind blowing.


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